Implementing A Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Implementing A Employee Performance Improvement Plan

For years we have heard about how important it is to improve employee performance in order to successfully run a business. Organizations can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars learning to do it through coaching and training programs. It isn’t enough though. If you want to  improve your coaching and training process, you must create a thorough process whereby the skills and knowledge that is imparted to employees can be transferred to their actual work.

The following six steps will help you plan, implement and evaluate your strategy to improve employee performance.

    1. Do your research. There are hundreds of companies that provide poor performance improvement programs and a few that deliver exceptional ones. It is important to research both. You need to know what the greatest complaints are that people have in your industry. If you do not know, you will not be able to address them. Furthermore, look at what other companies are doing well in employee performance improvement. By studying what others are doing well, you can duplicate and hopefully even improve their processes.
    2. Develop a plan. Once your research is complete, you need to develop an implementation plan. Your plan should include the areas of employee performance that you wish to focus on and well-designed learning solutions. Your plan should also include how you will train, inspire and engage your employees.
    3. Train and inform employees. Let employees know how this new plan will benefit the company and them. Your plan has to involve your staff so that everyone has the same goal. Give them clear and specific directions. Part of employee training is leading by example. Treat your employees with the same care and concern that you want them to treat your clients with.
    4. Execute the plan. Once you have done everything you need to do to prepare, you are ready to execute your plan. You are ready to launch your  employee performance improvement program.
    5. Reward employees. Be creative in implementing a reward system for your top performing employees. This helps to motivate them to provide the best care possible for your clients.
    6. Ask for feedback. Get feedback from employees and clients.  Employee performance is ongoing and needs to be evaluated regularly. Continue focusing on what you are doing well, and find ways to improve on areas that need improvement.

An employee performance improvement plan can be successful only if you follow through and execute it. Are you staring at a pile of employee performance material or have you moved to action?

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