If The Online Training Fails, Who Is Responsible?

If The Online Training Fails, Who Is Responsible?

In any industry, profession, or position, training is essential. Whether you’re responsible for helping your new folks get up to speed, or you’re faced with the task of helping your executive team learn how to lead more effectively, training should be an ongoing process, in one form or another. In today’s technologically advanced world, online training is often a go-to method for many employers, but great online training doesn’t create itself. There are boxes to check and feedback to obtain, and sometimes, it just doesn’t go as expected.

Like anything in business, pointing fingers doesn’t equate to results. Training can fail in many places along the line. Your training may fail for a number of reasons or one that you’re not even considering. If you think you’ve set up a great online training program that’s not working out, take a look at some of the factors that may be impeding the educational process.

The Trainee

Assuming you’ve got a stellar team of recruiters, great trainees should come with the package. Sometimes, however, people do well in an interview but don’t really fit the bill when it gets down to the actual job. Even if you have a great online training program in place, someone who isn’t well-suited for the position will likely fail when it comes down to it.

Training Fail Responsible Party: The trainee or your recruiting team.

The Trainer

Any great online training program needs to be secondary to hands-on training of one type or another. The person doing the training needs to know exactly what the online training content entails. If it’s out of date, or if your trainer is out of the loop, you’re asking for a training fail. Ideally, everything your trainee learns in your great online training course should tie directly back to his or her job function in real life. The trainer should be able to directly understand how the things he or she learned during training will affect his or her day to day operations within the company. Any gaps in information or questions about how one thing ties to another should be navigated by the trainer.

Training Fail Responsible Party: The trainer or the online training system.

The Executives

All too often, executives find themselves deep in the muddy waters of the company’s details when they should be leaving that up to those capable individuals who they’ve entrusted to deal with those tasks. It’s easy for executives to feel like they need to have control over every aspect of the business, including training, but they all too often forget that they’re far removed from the actual process that takes place in the workplace. Of course, there’s no doubt that the executive leadership team has valuable input, but it is imperative that you remember who you’re talking to when you’re designing a great online training tool. Executives should have buy-in on the final decisions, but they need to make sure they’re talking to the front-line staff who will be working in the positions or departments for which the training is designed. Too many cooks in the kitchen can often result in a recipe for a training fail.

Training Fail Responsible Party: The executive leadership team.

The Program Itself

As you shop for a great online training program, you’ll likely come across dozens of companies that claim to be the best in the business. They’ll have accolades and testimonials and kudos. What they may not have, however, is the data to back up their claims. Keep in mind that your business is as unique as the people you employ. Regardless of how competitive or common your industry may be, your company’s culture and knowledge is its own. This means that, in order to procure a great online training program, you need to have a program built that is created around your company’s specific needs regarding both knowledge and culture. If you choose to give your business to the lowest bidder, you can expect results that match the money. On the other hand, if you employ a team of decision-makers who will set aside a budget which allows for a custom-made map of what people should know in your workplace, you’re far more likely to see positive results.

Training Fail Responsible Party:  The online training program and the people responsible for its purchase.

In the end, a great online training program is comprised of input from all members of your valuable team. By allowing everyone to provide feedback, you’re setting your company up for success in the long run.

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