How To Partner Up With The Right Custom Elearning Developer

How To Partner Up With The Right Custom Elearning Developer

Your selection of a quality elearning program is an investment that pays off in the long run. Therefore, you shouldn’t begin your custom elearning development without being absolutely sure of who you’re partnering yourself with because both you and the e-learning developer will be partners for years to come.

The benefits of implementing an elearning program extend long into the future. As such, it’s a capital asset that’s worthy of an extended term depreciation schedule. From an investment perspective, this can — and should — dramatically influence the internal debate around the choice of a partner for custom elearning development.

Partner Up!

The development effort is considered an investment, so you must investigate the use of strategic partners to help you develop your online training courses. Before you do, you need to consider one important question — do you have the internal resources to create, deliver and manage online learning on your own?

Depending on your answer, there are several pertinent follow-up questions:

  • Will you act as a general contractor to source and manage the individual elements necessary to create and deploy your solution?
  • Would you prefer to hire a provider that has demonstrated its ability to handle the entire task in your regard?
  • Will you be charged with having an LMS provider integrate with a separate course builder?
  • What if the architect and general contractor don’t work well together? (This question is not rhetorical — answers to it can be found in horrific case studies where buyers, for instance, opted for seemingly low cost providers.)
  • How do you protect your investment?E-Learning Developer

Custom e-learning developers should maintain at least the following core competencies:

  • Vision

    The ability to perceive an instructional design strategy that will cause true engagement and course completion.

  • Planning

    The ability to “storyboard” their solutions and brainstorm, with management and staff, how to create and deliver the course(s) in the most effective ways.

  • Implementation

    The ability to migrate classroom instruction to online programs that can, if warranted and desired, be part of a larger blended strategy. (In other words, if a custom elearning developer tries to make the case that the endgame is the course itself be wary. Some learning—and definitely most coaching—is most effective delivered by a live person.)

  • Expertise

    Taking the instructor’s learning content and converting it into elearning that is far beyond talking heads and presentations.

  • Drive

    An experience-driven ability to effectively fit elearning into a blended learning program that includes high quality elearning, face to face classroom training and coaching in a seamless solution.

Whether your course is custom developed from scratch or begins utilizing an existing digital library, you cannot lose sight of the foremost objective, to improve results while reducing cost. Indeed most any elearning program can cut costs; the trick is to both cut costs and create quality elearning courseware for your organization.

Make sure your e-learning development partner can:

  • modify any existing courses to meet both your tactical and strategic needs,
  • repurpose your reservoir of instructor-based training and/or
  • build a custom training program based on your vision and business requirements.

Elearning is fundamentally changing our world. At its current growth rate it’s not farfetched to assert that it will minimize traditional classroom training within the next ten years. The choice of the right provider(s) is critical not just to the success of a training department but to the overall health and growth prospects of the organization it serves.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect when you partner with an elearning developer, download our free ebook What You Need To Know Before You Build Elearning.

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