How Social Media Can Help To Improve Company Culture

How Social Media Can Help To Improve Company Culture

Continually coming up with new social media content can be a real chore. Hiring models, hiring photographers, getting into exciting locations, etc, etc. The expenses seem to do nothing but rise and rise. Furthermore, there are some brands that just don’t fit well with the standard type of content that people create and consume.

For brands that need a bit of a break from the continual churn of creating new content, or for brands that don’t have a physical product to sell, you can start selling your company culture. What does this mean? It means impromptu photo shoots with the team, quick pics on the factory floor, and selfies with the CEO.

Brands which do this can expect:

  • Fan engagement on social media as people relate your company shenanigans to their own.
  • Easier social content creation as your ‘models’ are in the next cubicle over.
  • Better employee retention as they feel more like an integral part of the brand.
  • To attract talent that is looking for a fun environment to work in, or talent which wants to know more about how your company really operates.

This tactic is already being used by some successful marketers that we’ll look at in this article.

Hootsuite have a hoot on Instagram

One of my favorite users of the company culture as social media content tactic is Hootsuite’s Instagram account. Think about their situation. Their product is an app. There’s no ‘factory floor’ shots. Having a ‘take a picture of yourself using Hootsuite’ contest would be boring. And they can only create so many cute owl mascots before things get boring.

Instead, they use Instagram to share things like this:

#wheres_waylon: Waylon Works Well When Wednesday Wolls aWound 📷: @brionycrane #hootdogs

A photo posted by Hootsuite | #WinWithSocial (@hootsuite) on

Or, on a more usual note, this:  

Their office having a good time is just what someone in their industry likes to see from time to time. Why? People who use Hootsuite are social media managers sitting in an office too! Sharing your fun office culture with them can brighten their day. And, in turn, earn you comments, likes, and shares, while also being a secret recruitment tool.

Why is it able to recruit talent? You research prospective candidates using search engines and social media. The people who are applying to work with you will do the same thing. You never know when a fun photo gets you that talented programmer over another company.

Gas Monkey Garage talks one on one with the team using video

For those companies who have people around with specialized knowledge, getting your employees to talk on camera can do wonders for your YouTube channel. An excellent example of this can be found over at Gas Monkey Garage. They’re not just a reality TV show. They’re a real, working garage with knowledgable staff.

Sometimes that specialized knowledge is how big a burnout you can do in a brand new Hellcat:

Pointless? Maybe to you, but for gearheads that’s an interesting piece of crazy content. It’s easy to create, easy to watch, easy to share, and easy to keep Gas Monkey on your mind.

That culture can also be a car you built on your show being Dyno’d in a special off-air video:

Pointless? Tell that to the 200,000+ people who watched it in its first 3 days of release. Is it the right video for your company to make? Not unless you already have a dyno and high-powered muscle cars. These are all easy videos for Gas Monkey to make as it’s just what goes on at their shop. And it helps them get more Youtube views as it works with their core audience. What goes on at your company that people would be interested in a video of?

If you still can’t think of something to video, grab an employee and give them a venue to express themselves on work related matters:

Simple, informative, all shot within the company’s own shop. Excellent for recruitment, fun for the employees, and easy content to create.

@TwitterWomen have a mission bigger than marketing

Not every attempt at using company culture on social media is about marketing. Twitter is already great at being Twitter. They don’t need another account beyond @Twitter for company news. Instead, they chose to have another account that shows one side of their company’s culture: @Twitterwomen

This account shows women who work at Twitter, and is a push to get more women into tech. They share pictures of the @Twitterwomen themselves:

They share stories from other people who are talking about the @Twitterwomen:

And they retweet content like this:

This is showing the culture at their company as being one that’s dedicated to a cause. Let’s say that your company also has a cause that it wants to get behind, but doesn’t have the time to start a new account. Your solution is easy: Create a branded hashtag that connects your posts that are about this cause.

As an example, Twitter could have gone the route of using their main @Twitter account, but tweeted #TwitterWomen when they had this type of content. Any brand, or non-profit company, can take the idea of creating a culture around a cause, and create a branded hashtag if a whole new account is too much.

Sell your company when you can’t sell your product

The three examples above are all clear indicators of the fact that you don’t have to sell your product on social media. ‘Selling’ your company culture is a perfectly valid form of social media marketing.

Using the platform that’s best for your current resources, and focusing on the right aspect of your culture, will determine your success.

Ernest Thompson
Ernest Thompson

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