How Rewards, Recognition, and Online Training Software Help Drive Performance

How Rewards, Recognition, and Online Training Software Help Drive Performance

There are several motivating factors for employees to do a good job; monetary compensation, emotional investment, or a highly motivated personality.

However, in todays digital workplace, the efforts of an employee can often go unnoticed and unrecognized. If this goes on too long then that employee could be looking for a way out as a way forward.

Why Recognize

Every great achievement in an organization is the result of a team. Even the iPhone, while envisioned by Steve Jobs, had an incredibly talented group of people behind it that found innovative ways in order to realize that vision — from the industrial designers, the software developers, to the engineers who had to figure out how to fit all that technology into a compact space. The iPhone has been so successful that we largely take the efforts behind it for granted.

online_training_software_rewards2Like the team behind the iPhone, the efforts by the employees in your organization need to be recognized too. Other than it’s the right thing to do, there are a number of other reasons that employees need to be recognized for their efforts.

By recognizing of the efforts of employees, you’ll create an environment that fosters productivity and creativity. That in turn leads to a number of things including greater employee retention and better performance.

Being in congruence with an employee in terms of your expectations and the reasons why they need to be achieved are also a motivating factor. It’s one thing to be recognized for a job that you’ve done well. It’s an entirely other thing for the employee’s motivation to be driven by the greater long or short term goals of the organization.

Different Motivations

For the current group of employees entering the workforce are another set of factors you need to consider. In a report by Price Waterhouse Cooper titled PwC’s NextGen: A Global Generational Study, they detail what drives this generation when it comes to motivating factors. A really surprising fact was that..

41% of Millennials prefer to be rewarded or recognized for their work at least monthly, if not more frequently, whereas only 30% of non-Millennials would like that level of frequency.

Stereotypes about millenials being entitled and lazy aside, this generation that is in the workforce now and will be leading it in the future.

How To Do It

From a technology and training standpoint, it’s much easier than ever before. You can easily find out which employees are going the extra distance through the use of online training software like a learning management system (LMS).

An LMS is able to effectively track how well an employee is doing in their online training and how far they have progressed through the program as a whole. From there recognition can be easily addressed. Depending on the size or structure of your organization you may wish to reward an employee in person. It could be as simple as a Starbuck’s gift card and a handshake.

Public recognition through the use of achievement badges that are displayed publicly in your LMS can also be a good motivating factor. Badges can reflect current certifications in addition to any other internal achievements specific to our organization.

In a lot of ways, publicly displayed achievements aren’t unlike the leader board an an old upright video game machine. This is one of the reasons that gamification has become a hot term within the world of online training over the last few years.

A Practical Example

Interestingly, we have a role playing course demo that speaks to some of the problems that could come up when you need to motivate employees. Try it out! You may find some ways to motivate employees in your organization.


One last note; employees are your organization’s biggest asset. By giving them the recognition they deserve you’ll find that they work harder, are more easily focused and happier to be around. The payoff is absolutely worth it — and not just monetarily.

For more information on the other feature that you learning management system should have in order to make your organization more successful, download our free ebook What’s The Difference Between An LMS And An LCMS and get started today.

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