How eCommerce Integration Can Help You Tap Into The Global Market

How eCommerce Integration Can Help You Tap Into The Global Market

Every day millions of people across the world make millions of transactions online. The common thread between all of these transactions is that they are all made via an online shopping cart. Suffice to say, your online shopping cart is much more than simply a virtual cash register to sell your elearning. It’s a gateway that will help you tap into the global marketplace, extend the reach of your training, and make you more money.

The Small Picture

Ecommerce Integration SmallTo provide some context, a driftwood artist in Tukwilla, Washington can just as easily sell their craft online to a next door neighbour as they can to a collector in Tokyo. The availability of anyone with a website with ecommerce integration and a product or service to sell has ignited a surge in global ebusiness. At the same time, improved access to high speed internet, smartphone penetration, and growing consumer trust are fanning the flames. Governments are responding to the opportunity by removing or relaxing some of the legislation that governs cross border online shopping.

eMarketer, a digital market research group, is forecasting $1.3 trillion in global business to consumer ecommerce sales for 2013 and this is expected to continue growing by 13% annually. eLearning sales will follow the same curve. Your website, webstore, and most importantly, your shopping cart determine your participation in that growth.

The Big Picture

Ecommerce Integration BigBeing able to sell your courses online positions you to compete for clients locally and internationally. However, you will also be competing against other elearning professionals for that business. Learning professionals and content owners from around the globe will be competing for your clients as you will for theirs.

If your courses and shopping experience are superior, you’ll gain an edge up on your competition. In order to ensure that, you’ll need to find an online shopping cart that provides a seamless purchase experience for your clients regardless of their location. With that in place, you’ll have your ticket to join in the global market.

The Huge Picture

Ecommerce Integration HugeUnderstanding which countries have the highest internet usage is a good start to clarifying your market. Countries with the highest internet penetration, infrastructure to support ecommerce, and a healthy corporate sector should be high on your list.

ATKearney, a think tank and business consultation organization produces an annual ecommerce index that contains the top 10 countries in terms of their emerging ecommerce potential. It considers not only the total online sales figures but infrastructure and regulatory variables as well. The information is used primarily by online retailers to develop global ecommerce strategies. It’s not too soon for eLearning professionals to begin doing the same.

Here’s the list for your consideration:

  • China has a healthy online retail market and has experienced 78 percent annual growth since 2006
  • Brazil has 80 million internet users responsible for $10 billion in online sales. The total is expected to double by 2018.
  • Russia has the largest online population in Europe.
  • Chile has seen a 27% internet growth rate since 2006 due to advanced technology and a robust telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Mexico has the fastest-growing internet penetration rate in the world.
  • United Arab Emirates has a wealthy population base, high household computer penetration, strong retail development, and it’s role as an ecommerce gateway to other middle eastern markets contribute to a growing online marketplace.
  • Malaysia has a healthy PC penetration and internet access as well as Malaysia’s heavy use of credit cards and debit cards point to a lucrative online marketplace.
  • Uruguay has the highest internet penetration in Latin America and a predominantly urban population. Both are good indicators of healthy ecommerce adoption.
  • Turkey is encouraging ecommerce by enacting laws that protect consumers and oversee ecommerce companies.

The opportunities presented are massive. As such, you will want to understand where your prospects and clients are located and where interest in your particular subject matter is greatest. By looking to and preparing for some of these emerging markets, AND having a shopping cart presence, you will be well positioned for the new economy.


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