How Blended Learning Can Benefit Corporate Training

How Blended Learning Can Benefit Corporate Training

With many business models relying on technology to stay on pace with the world, it makes sense to implement Blended Learning in Corporate Training. Whether your business is gearing up to leap into a new phase, is gaining new software or is simply bringing its employees up to speed with specific aspects of their job responsibilities, Blended learning is the newest method used by employers for many reasons. Many organizations use blended learning for corporate training while providing their employees with a marketable portfolio of skills and qualifications.

Blended learning gives you control on how and when you want to conduct your employee’s training and also helps boost their overall work performance, increase their productivity levels and encourages their interest and engagement in work.

How does it benefit your business to use blended learning in corporate training

  1. Allows the employee to learn at their own pace: Every individual has a different learning curve, and blended learning combines online and offline training activities to break the monotony of conventional training. It offers productive learning by allowing them to develop their critical thinking and solution finding skills which is crucial in any business. With technology playing a huge role in daily business affairs, the employees are exposed to large amount of information via the internet and other tools that will make their learning efficient.
  2. Reduces your training costs: With profit margins being important, many businesses wish to keep their training costs low. Blended learning helps cuts own costs dramatically by avoiding unnecessary travel, stay, means that would otherwise come with a corporate training package. Similarly, you avoid hiring multiple expensive trainers where you would have o bear the costs of their entire schedule. Even though online training is not free, it ends up being more cost effective as you have the option to shop around for great deals. Professionals will design and construct your training program, and this will come at a price – but one without the added costs. You can also check out various only free educational technologies to implement in your training program like the ones below:
    • TED: Ideas worth spreading – you can get great ideas from TED talks which are given by prominent businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • How stuff works – This website has information form anything to everything and you’re bound to find your learning material here.
    • Wiki how – just like Wikipedia offers information on nearly everything on the planet, wiki how tells how things are done and helps the viewer learn whatever they wish to.
    • EssayMama – You need to always send out emails, reports, presentations for various projects. This program helps construct your work FOR you, making your life easier and helping you run your business efficiently. Delegation is always the key.
    • University of the people – This University has a tuition free program which would benefit your employees.
    • Bibliomania – As with any learning program, information is the key to success. This site offers free online literature, study guides, reference books and more.
    • MIT open courseware – For self learners, this is the next step to gaining more knowledge.
  3. Develops communication skills: An employee is expected to handle all forms of communication for seamless running of the company. This includes conference calls, video calls and presentations where they have to communicate clearly and concisely with colleagues, clients and bosses. If your employee is very qualified but cannot communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively, they have failed. Their virtual communication skills will be developed through blended learning as they interact and connect with one another in a virtual environment and this helps them learn how to function in both the online and offline world.
  4. Simplifies training logistics: In traditional training programs, the business has to deal with complicated logistics like dealing with organizing seminars and workshops. Although conventional training programs have their advantages, with blended learning, you get the best of both worlds. You can cut down on the amount of live seminars and introduce more video conferencing. This method allows for easy distribution of material, not to mention about saving costs on paper and printing material.



How Blended Learning Can Benefit Corporate Training

The above reasons show us how Blended learning is the efficient way in progressing your business further in the 21st century. To remain on top of your game, while saving costs, your corporate training program can only be more efficient with blended learning. There are no additional costs in hardware – everyone who has a computer or a meeting room is set. This way the employees can also take the initiative to use all available resources to get the best possible results at their workplace. Mix and match the programs mentioned to construct the best possible program that works for you and your business.

Kenneth Waldman
Kenneth Waldman

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