Are You Hiring The Right Person?

Are You Hiring The Right Person?

Bringing in the right people can be a challenge for any leader. People are often much more than what their resume and cover letter articulates. Here are four tips to use so that you hire the right people for your organization.

  1. Hire Career People Over Job People
    A lot of people who are job searching are not looking for a career. They are simply looking for steady work to meet regular life needs until they decide where it is they really want to be. Although people searching for “just a job” can make great employees, they are harder to build on because you cannot perceive their level of commitment.Instead, hire career people. A career person is defined as someone who has an interest in assuming a job position for a significant portion of their life. That sounds like a big commitment-and it is-and that is exactly what you want. You can build on committed people. Moreover, an individual willing to commit long term is likely an eligible candidate for promotion from within the organization.
  2. Hire Enthusiasts And Experts
    Hiring enthusiasts and experts is crucial. Hiring these types of people will automatically provide you with positive employee characteristics that you might be lacking in your team skill set. Enthusiasts and experts will work extra hours, give the extra effort, and maintain a joyful work ethic. Not only that, enthusiasts and experts do not have to be asked to continue learning and growing in their area of expertise; they do it naturally.
  3. Hire People Who Fit The Culture
    Workplace culture is the environment that surrounds you at work all of the time. Culture is a powerful element that shapes your work enjoyment, your work relationships, and your work processes. But, culture is something that you cannot actually see, except through its physical manifestations in your work place.Deciding who fits your culture is usually pretty easy. Most people have learned the type of culture they desire to work in, and they can tell if they will be a good fit when they walk in the door. You will notice the people who do fit, as they will quickly and visibly, feel at home in your company’s environment.
  4. Hire Teachable People
    So let us imagine that you have hired a career person who fits your workplace culture and is an enthusiast or expert in your field of business. Great. For the most part this individual will be a great addition to your team, but nevertheless, there are still things to be learned in every workplace. So it is critical that you hire teachable people. Teachable means able and willing to learn and be taught. Sounds simple, but there are a lot of folks that are able and willing to learn but unwilling to be taught.Ask a new employee to define the last time they were taught something new by someone. If your employee struggles to give credit to anyone but themselves for their knowledge, it may suggest that they can learn but have trouble being taught.

Hiring the right person is crucial if you really want to get down to work. Companies can waste a lot of time dealing with the delays of constant employee turnover. Take time to hire the right people and make sure they are interested in a career. Hire enthusiasts and experts for all your positions and make sure they are teachable and a good fit for your workplace culture.

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