Help Employees Be Happy Working and You’ll Be Happy

Help Employees Be Happy Working and You’ll Be Happy

How do we ensure happy working employees? Retaining your best employees may not be a simple job as one could think.  The cliché that says money can’t buy happiness describes the inefficiency of a salary raise perfectly. While a financial bonus can improve the productivity of a team, it is just a temporary effect in most cases. However, there are many other options that will help you keep a happy working environment, and the following are the most effective ones.

1.  Maintain a Transparent Workplace

The truth is that there are many companies who keep things away from their employees. The reasons vary from the intent of not disrupting the workflow to the assumption that they don’t need to know everything that happens with the company. However, the numbers disclose a different reality. This 2013 survey performed by Tinypulse Company found that transparency surpasses any other incentive to create happy working teams.

The fact is that employees devote half of their life to their professional career. The idea of emotionally detaching yourself from work is a ship that sailed a long time ago. It is indeed ideal to keep a distance from your work and involve your feelings only in your personal life. However, our human nature dictates us to act as social beings. One way or the other, the office becomes a second family for any employee. We need a happy working environment to be motivated and productive

Moreover, trust is the foundation of any relationship, be it personal or professional, and it will unlock the potential of your organization. Truth always finds a way to the surface. If employees find out the management kept important information away from them, they will feel betrayed. Money won’t be able to rebalance the office environment to its former happy working harmony. So, the best policy is honesty, and this can be accomplished with zero cost.

2.  Create a Happy Working Community

The one thing that drives a group of people together as a community is a meaningful purpose. Working for a paycheck is a means to an end, a way to survive in a modern society of consumerism. This is why the financial gain can’t be considered a thrilling journey, but a daily routine devoid of any kind of feeling.

Giving them meaning to wake up fulfilled every morning is another successful way to activate a happy working environment. Employees will be more engaged in their tasks, and they will feel they are part of something bigger than themselves, such as world improvement. Once the personal purpose aligns with the professional one, people will no longer experience a disruptive transition once they start their working schedule.

You can achieve that by redirecting the company culture to a two-way conversation.  You should allow your employees to participate in the evolution of the company through inspiring actions such as imagine, initiate, interact, influence, and innovate. A proper community creates a happy working organizational environment.

Moreover, you can create a community where all members are interconnected with each other. For example, the international UPS Company boasts over a harmonious culture that gathers 430,000 people around the world. The business prioritizes the distribution of information in real time to their staff. There is a constant investment in the UPS employee login site where everybody has access to important details about their activity within the company.

3.  Recognize Potential

The feeling of fulfillment that nurtures self-confidence and, consequently, a happy lifestyle can be stimulated by respect. Usually, employees put in a lot of effort during their 9 to 5 schedule, and what would keep them going is recognition from management.

Your word can signify a fundamental pillar that will help your employees understand the value of their work. Lack of feedback can make them lose perspective and continue performing their tasks at a lower quality. Recognition will empower greater employee satisfaction and a higher sense of loyalty. This strengthens the retention of your best employees.

You can show appreciation to your staff by celebrating their success via sending personalized gift cards, designating the best member of the month, praise during company meetings, and promotions. You can also use time off as an incentive to increase performance while maintaining happy working employees. The promise of a better work-life balance will motivate people to aim at higher professional goals every month.

4.  Offer Autonomy

Often times, people correlate their work experience with what they are obliged to do, but it doesn’t make them proud. Building an inflexible schedule that all your employees have to obey means disregarding their unique needs. If one study shows that people are most productive at 9 in the morning, it doesn’t mean that this finding represents all people. Everyone is special and thus have different sets of incentives that make them happy.

So, by allowing people to work whenever and wherever they want, you will increase the level of happiness. This not only will improve the productivity, but it will also show that you trust your team. Employees are grownups so they are expected to avoid the false pretexts that a teenager may use to get away with doing no homework. Ultimately, the one thing that matters most in a company is not the hours the employees work, but the results they deliver.

However, with great benefits come great responsibilities. You can support this new system of autonomy with a system of penalties to strike a uniform balance. The freedom your employees will experience will redirect them to a happier professional activity.

All in all, taking the interest of your employees at heart will increase productivity and loyalty, which will ultimately make you happier in the long run. People will be happy working if they feel they are respected, their efforts are acknowledged, and if they enjoy freedom while at the office or at home.

Dwayne Weiser
Dwayne Weiser

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  • Veronica C. Fisher
    May 29, 2017, 12:44 am

    This is true guidance for making a happy environment in the working place. All your tips are really good and it is the good way to find happiness with our colleagues.

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  • Custom dissertation writings
    August 22, 2017, 4:51 am

    The working environment should be fine in order to feel happy for all employees. I loved this article since it describes the same idea.




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