Getting Your Online Training Into The Right Hands

Getting Your Online Training Into The Right Hands

One of the final steps that an independent learning professional has to take care of is selling the online training they’ve created. An LMS solution with ecommerce integration can help if you can get the right people to look at it.

But how do get the right people interested?

If you already have an existing client base that are hungry for your custom elearning, this can be quite easy. But clients don’t grow on trees and it often requires a bit of legwork and creativity getting your training into the hands of those who will benefit from it.

With that in mind, here are five ideas to help you reach a broader audience for your online training:

  1. Getting The Point Across

    If you don’t have a website that speaks in a way that is relevant to your content, then potential clients may pass you by. The most important goal is to make the information you want to get across clear, concise, and accessible. As attention spans shorten, the more paragraphs to read through and clicks a person has to make increases the potential of them leaving your site.

  2. Stop being so humble

    The numerous contacts that you’ve connected with throughout your career may either need your services themselves or know of someone who might. Never underestimate the power of networking. Send a short, personal email to them to inform them of your current offering. Having excerpts of your courses to send to your contacts is a powerful selling tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  3. Reach Out

    Social networks aren’t simply a pastime. They’re an important tool to connect to a much larger audience. There’s an entire world out there of people who are seeking knowledge online. Why shouldn’t you be the one to provide it? Connect via Twitter or Facebook to be the authority to help answer their questions. Join or start your own Facebook group and help answer questions there. Follow Twitter hashtags associated with your area of expertise to make connections with people who want to learn more.

  4. Leave Them Wanting More

    Offer a short teaser video on YouTube to your most recent course. Keep it short and provide links in the description back to your website. Course excerpts can also be offered through your website with a ‘buy now’ button at the end. Most importantly, make sure that your website address appears in the video at the end. Provide an enticing title and use relevant tags to help make your video more searchable and be sure to respond to any constructive comments quickly.

  5. Sign Here

    Besides displaying your contact information and favorite quote, an email signature can be used to display a link to promote your latest course offering. It’s often overlooked because once it set up there’s not really much reason to think of it. Now there is.

As technology gets more accessible and easier to use, the barriers to entry to help you sell your custom elearning decrease. These tips are just the beginning. Be creative and watch your sales increase!

Your elearning can to go to the next level. Read our free ebook Learn How To Create Performance-Based Elearning to find out how.

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