Five Tips for Job Performance Improvement

Five Tips for Job Performance Improvement

Contrary to many opinions, there is not one magical solution to job performance improvement. It requires small changes and improvements to how you prioritize, manage and organize your tasks. Improving your focus is one key area where job performance can be elevated.

Here are the top five tips for helping you concentrate better on your job performance.

  1. Five More Rule – There are two types of people: the kind who work through their frustration and stress and those who wish they had. Learn to be more focused on reaching your goals. If you’re in the middle of a large task and feel tempted to give up, go for five more: read five more pages, respond to five more emails, finish five more presentation slides, or work five more minutes.
  2. Think on One Thing at a Time – Instead of telling yourself not to worry about another problem of lesser priority (a perpetual preoccupation of tasks) be wary of only assigning yourself a single task with a start/stop time frame. Write down worrisome obligations on your to-do list so you’re free to forget them. Then you only have to focus on one thought and one task at a time.
  3. Conquer Your Procrastination – Do you find yourself putting off a task that you need to be working on? The next time you’re about to postpone a responsibility, instead ask yourself, “Do I have to do this? Do I want it done so it’s not on my mind? Will it be any easier later?” Recognize that delaying will only add to your guilt.
  4. Use Your Hands as Blinkers – Every time we efficiently multi-task, our eyes might be “taking everything in” (lens), but at the same time, our brain is in “wide-angle focus mode” (camera). Learn to view your tasks by placing virtual hands on the side of your face to block out extraneous surroundings so they are literally out of sight and out of mind.
  5. View Things Like it’s for the First or Last Time – Change your focus to the “here and now” and be fully aware of what you are working on at one time instead of mindlessly rushing between here, there, and everywhere. If you look around yourself and really take the time to view your surroundings, you won’t miss the small details. Become aware of the craftsmanship of what you are working on and don’t simply take it for granted.

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