Finding Your Online Training Solution’s Sweet Spot

Finding Your Online Training Solution’s Sweet Spot

Many of us have experienced the feeling in sports of hitting the “Sweet Spot”. Whether it’s on your tennis racket, baseball bat or golf club – you just know when you’ve exactly nailed it. And when you can find it consistently, you also find the top of your game and things…just…flow…

Any time that we can find that place in other areas of our lives, we experience a similar kind of knowing satisfaction, we know that that base is covered, well, at least for now.

In the constantly evolving world of employee training, those who can combine the best characteristics of traditional learning with new opportunities in online training to achieve optimal results are in the sweet spot of custom elearning development. If you are beginning to think about using online training software as part of your overall training programme, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. What is the learning goal or skill for a given set of learning? This will determine which type of learning is most appropriate. For example, if a portion of training is currently instructor-led, reading from a scripted document, most likely this would be better received digitally via online training. If, on the other hand, the learning in question is a communication skill best practiced in a group of fellow employees, then a group classroom application is indicated. If your training goals are more complex, the solution may lie in the use of a blended learning programme, which incorporates the best of both worlds.

  2. Where is the employee at in their overall training development? Again, this is an important consideration when the goal is optimal results. Imagine you were attempting to teach the concept of “weight” to someone who had no previous experience with this idea.  

    An online training course could show pictures of various weights and the learner may figure out simply by the labeling that 1kg is half of 2kg. They would not, however, have had the experience of the concept of weight. If they happened to be working in your warehouse, this could have serious implications.

    Now imagine instead that you are dealing with an experienced employee who needs to learn a new labeling system for various weights of packages…quite possibly this employee would learn best by quickly viewing a brief online learning application. Optimal results in your training programme means that new employees quickly train to the level needed while experienced employees train as needed to gain new information and skills.

  3. How important is it that your employee group receive information that is consistent across departments and locations? Corporate directions requiring consistent standards throughout the organization may be well suited for an online training course. Where a new direction affects one locale only, an in person presentation may well suffice.

  4. How relevant is the new information or learning in the short, medium and long term? Here we are really speaking of achieving those optimal results in terms of ROI.  If all employees have quick, easy access to a computer (or a smartphone or tablet in the case of mobile learning), expensive paper copies of training manuals may not make sense. An online training course can be regularly updated as small changes are made in procedures. The associated costs are mainly at the front end, with regular updates being completed at relatively low cost. Paper copies, on the other hand, are typically replaced vs updated on a regular basis, involving greater waste and expense. Though a binder format does allow for sections to be updated individually, this may not happen consistently across an organization, leading to various types of errors.

  5. Lastly, and certainly not least, what is your budget for online training, or, in fact, all training? Nowhere is the customization aspect of online training more critical.

If you have considered all of the above, you may by now have a wish list in hand for employee training and development. Does it match your budget?

With the help of a skilled online training developer to create interactive elearning, you can implement an efficient roll-out of the customized training programme you require — one that helps you meet both your training and budget targets. You will have combined the best characteristics of both online training and traditional, instructor-led training allowing you to achieve optimal results. Now that’s a sweet spot!

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