Enhance Your Online Training Solutions

Enhance Your Online Training Solutions

How confident are you that your employees are receiving the most that they can out of their online training solutions?  Are their learning goals being successfully achieved?  Learning goals are intrinsically associated with your company’s overall operational philosophy.  They are directly determined by the direction your organization is moving in.  All in all, they are an end product of where you desire your people to be professionally speaking, to best support the company in its fundamental mission.

This is a critically important role, and if you’re directional attitude is determined through online learning, making the most out of such an instrument is to the benefit of all concerned. The following are three approaches that can be applied to your online learning that facilitate positive eLearning outcomes.  Some may be familiar and some may be novel.  At any rate, they are all good suggestions if you are seeking to maximize your online training potential.

Interactivity is Key

Any chance that you have to more thoroughly involve your employees in an active learning process is a step in the right direction.  Including learning technologies such as gamification and scenario role playing in your online learning courses is an excellent method to ensure desired learning outcomes.

By involving staff in the learning process itself – through activities that move them beyond simple “text and next” navigation – you are laying the groundwork for knowledge retention that goes well beyond what is average, for people in a traditional instructor-led setting.  The obvious advantage of learner’s increased memory of information is that they can then take what they remember and directly apply it to enhancing their professional performance.  Performance amplification is then directly related to achieving learning goals.

For an excellent example of learner-involved online training, please refer to our Patient Management demo.


Making employees aware what is expected of them is vital to successful learning outcomes.  Providing clearly defined learning goals is a great way to start.  When people understand exactly what they need to accomplish, your online training stands a much greater chance of participation and completion.  To encourage regular course attendance it is recommended to supply your learners with proper motivation.

Historically, poor completion rates have been the bane of eLearning.  Another effective way to combat learner attrition is to set non-negotiable deadlines.  Because online learning is by nature a rather solitary endeavor, your guidance and coaching goes a long way towards keeping learners on track and focused on their learning goals.  It is good to remember that when it comes to eLearning, providing direction is much more effective when done from a coaching perspective rather than straight-up management.  People respond much more positively to assistance rather than insistence.

Another positive practice in the realm of communication is providing regular feedback.  This has become a much simplified duty specifically due to the LMS platform upon which your online training is founded.

The ease of use provided by a LMS has many advantages.  One of the primary ones is that it gives you the ability to track employee progress over the span of the online learning course.  On top of observational attributes, the LMS also allows you to directly respond to such watermarks as learner’s test scores.  This feedback conduit reinforces to your staff that they are “not in this alone.”

The really neat thing about LMS feedback is that you can choose to reward course participation and completion with such things as badges or certificates.  Everyone loves to hang another plaque on their wall expounding personal and professional achievements.  This is just another effective way to promote the pursuit of learning outcomes.

Improve and Refine

By making online training a regular part of your company learning structure, you are demonstrating to your people how important it is to be continually looking to improve.  Nothing is ever perfect and the organization can always benefit from a little progress.  When employees understand that their contributions actually count for something, they are far more likely to become involved in the learning process.

Also, by offering personal and professional rewards for eLearning participation, you can make them aware that successful course completion benefits them directly – not just the company.  Such rewards can consist of something as simple as gift certificates or be as important as job promotions.  Either way, your staff will be set on a path to meet their learning goals and move them towards performance improvement.

Improvement of your staff is not the only area of interest here.  The ability to learn from and refine your online learning itself is a valuable tool when it comes to achieving learning goals.  Again, with the flexibility of the LMS, you have the ability to quantify the effectiveness of the training itself.  If one certain area of training seems to be regularly under performing – say a certain portion fails to engage learners – you have the ability to go back with the course designer and re-formulate the content to your company’s specifications.  This is an invaluable tactic when striving for learning outcome excellence.

Online learning standing alone is not enough.  Providing clearly established learning goals goes a long way to ensuring training success.  Couple that with employee-engaging interactivity and positive guidance through coaching and your company will have an eLearning process that is part of your corporate culture, moving both people and the organization forward.

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