Elearning: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Elearning: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack

In our contemporary job market, you and your company probably experience fast change, constantly driven by new technology and unpredictable market fluctuation.  In such a fluid environment, where things can change from one week to the next, it is easy to find you and your employees falling behind competitors who may be slightly more on the ball.

How can you mitigate such a scenario?  What will it take to put your company back on the lead edge and keep it there?  The answer is E-manuals, eLearning and digital performance tools.  And if you subscribe to the old battlefield adage that knowledge is power, then you have already taken your first steps towards industry leadership.

Knowledge is Power

This is more true today than ever before.  The more you know, the better decisions you can make to guide your company.  Often as in today’s workplace, it is not only important to obtain the right information, it is vital to come into possession of it at the earliest possible convenience.

Calling for a company-wide workshop meeting every time some new development pops its head up whack-a-mole-style is wholly impractical (specifically for companies with hundreds of employees).  Posting memos can get the word out but they lack emphasis and detail. It is also a good bet that a fair amount of staff don’t bother to read them in the first place.

H.R. could post new developments in the monthly company newsletter but again you run into the trouble of the information not reaching its target because:  A) its completely impersonal and B) many employees don’t bother to take the time to read anything published by H.R.

What are your alternatives besides keeping your people in the dark and desperately hoping that they will continue to perform as well as your better informed and more thoroughly trained competitors?

While this is not a recommended strategy for success, it is a free country, and you might be surprised at how many companies are still opting to follow such a course.

According to a study conducted by SoftwareAdvice.com  of all the LMS purchasers they encounter, up to 36% of them do not apply them to modern digital performance tools or E-manuals for their staff.  Instead they still employ live instructor-based teaching for almost all of their training needs.  Imagine having the tools at your fingertips to not only save your company significant amounts of money but to ensure an efficient, timely information delivery system for your employees – and then refuse to use it!

If you desire to keep your people in the leading percentile of motivation, then have a look at just a few things that E-manuals, eLearning and digital performance tools have to offer that will keep your staff ahead of the game.

  • Keep Skills Relevant.  Knowing and adhering to Best Practices in your field is an important part of being successful.  Best Practices tend not to fluctuate as much as other aspects of business, but they do change over time as more efficient practices become recognized in various industries.  By consistently updating your employee’s professional knowledge through E-manuals that change with the times, you are helping to keep them relevant in respect to their career in particular and your organization’s well being as a whole.

  • Help Them Advance Their Careers.  The more knowledge a person has to offer whether through specialization or general diversity, the more they can set themselves apart and help your company stand out amongst the competition.  By offering staff the opportunity to move forward along their career path through eLearning, you are creating a situation in which everyone involved comes out a winner.

Your employees benefit because the digital information they receive via eLearning is personally and professionally advantageous.  Your company benefits because professional improvement will many times translate into loyalty towards the company through gratitude and help to ensure a positive work environment filled with long term employees who are working towards the common goal of overall company success.

  • Continued Learning.  It is said that if you learn something new daily, your efforts have been worthwhile.  While in this day and age it may be difficult to learn something new every day, it is still good protocol to attempt to keep current by consistently adding to your knowledge base.  According to Teresa Obinger from Globe University, It can be very beneficial to “seek out groups on LinkedIn who offer continuing education courses in your industry.”  She also suggests taking a refresher course or auditing a class at your local college, which are many times offered for free.

Keeping your employees up-to-date and informed through offering ongoing learning through emanuals, elearning and performance tools, is an excellent practice that translates into a multitude of benefits for both them and your company as a whole.  Remember that knowledge is power, and when applied properly, your organization will stay ahead of the competition and can then begin to take its place as a respected industry leader.

For further reading, download our free ebook “E-learning Success Secrets“.

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