Elearning: Does The ‘E’ Stand For Easy? Nope!

Elearning: Does The ‘E’ Stand For Easy? Nope!

In this past decade, organizations have been thirsting for a way to transfer and manage knowledge and make it sustainable, circumventing the lengthy and somewhat costly traditional method of of classroom inoculation. Especially if it involves a number of team members, in a variety of strategic locations, operating in a volatile market and experiencing market and technological change at ‘warp speed’.

Leaders have looked internally and asked their human resource departments for a solution and who in turn have sought the council of behaviour scientists, professional trainers, coaches, consultants and speakers to either teach them how or to come in and develop elearning.

Behold…out of the sunset materializes a rider on a steed called elearning. The answer to this plaguing problem. The riders horse is pulling a covered wagon with so many simple elearning remedies akin to the Watkins salesman with the bottle labeled elearning…a cure for all maladies.

Elearning Grows Up

All sorts of statistics materialized that supported the horsepower of this elearning steed. This was the future…either get aboard or have the competition eat your lunch. However, because this application was so new and untested, many who jumped aboard and purchased the early Watkins solution were disappointed with the expense and the results. Many of the respected professionals who tried to embrace this concept failed and the whole industry took a step backwards with the understanding and that ‘it doesn’t work’. How wrong they were.

Through a behavioral keyboard ‘finger pecking’ process, the elearning industry is only now evolving as a viable answer to the concerns earlier identified. The concept does work if applied in an effective way. However – Still Beware!

Do Your Homework

Beware of the in-house capability and cost required to produce the elearning results you expect. Beware of the external provider promises and pitfalls. Do your homework first.

‘measure twice and cut once’. Ensure you examine the work of providers. Start small and then build to more complex. The challenge is not only to produce the elearning but the LMS (Learning Management System) capability to deliver it in the most expedient medium whether that’s desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Above all, ensure that you clearly define ‘exactly’ what knowledge you need transferred and to be managed as well as the behavioral results you expect. Built in a matrix system that actually measure anticipated results, otherwise how will you know? The ongoing question should be: “How are we doing and how do we know?” Don’t just rely on initial verbal feedback. Ask the developer or provider for proof of past performance.

So the ‘E’ does not mean Easy by any stretch of the imagination. It does foster Efficiency and Effectiveness in capturing, transferring and managing information. And that should make you Ecstatic!

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