Elearning Can Improve Employee Performance. Here’s How!

Elearning Can Improve Employee Performance. Here’s How!

Employee training and professional development can be expensive and time consuming. However, it is necessary if you want employee performance to meet the business demands. Luckily, technology based training systems have been developed that can bring an employee up to speed more quickly with a higher level of comprehension about their job duties, than any other medium.

ELearning for Employee Performance Improvement

With the ability to save businesses a minimum of 50% on their training costs, elearning has shown itself to be cost effective. The opportunity for an employee to learn at their own pace, without the pressure of classroom of peers, enables them to work on their smartphone, home computer or anywhere that they are able to access the benefits eLearning software. Millennials love their electronic devices, as do those of us who are older and plugged into the internet and if you put learning material accessibility anytime anywhere, people will absorb it.

ELearning Methods

Many times in a classroom setting, you will have a few who will participate and then there are those who will sit on the fringes with little to add. An online classroom environment is more comfortable for those who tend to be shy and less inclined to interact. The online environment offers a level of anonymity that many people have become comfortable with and they will open up in this environment more than that of a traditional classroom setting. Benefits of elearning also give you different methods of deployment that use different types of elearning and combinations of employment education.

ELearning Types

Online courses that are taught exclusively online are self-paced and use self-directed learning methods, which lends itself well to self-motivated individuals.  Asynchronous learners will interact with the instructor whereas online instruction, alone, will not.

Another type of elearning is blended or hybrid and is a mix of face-to-face learning with online work such as tutorials, ebooks, interactive tests, documents, audio, video, presentations, and many other uses of interactive media to train your employees. (Mitchell & Honore, 2007) The use of the blended methods of instruction led to benefits that include:

  • Higher employee retention
  • Reduced training time
  • Increased employee knowledge
  • Increased employee interaction
  • Convenience for your business and the employee
  • Decreased training costs
  • No restraints on access by employees

Not only does elearning offer faster, better training than ever before, but it is also more cost effective, thereby making it very attractive to businesses.

Ease of Updating

One of the most costly and wasteful methods of any training program is the constant updating of policies, procedure, and legalities. When using paper, once these changes are made from the top, any old material must be discarded and replaced. That is not only costly but also wasteful. Elearning is green! Although some paper is still required when using any type of teaching method, elearning reduces paper use by a large degree. Any policy or procedure update that needs to be made to the elearning content will be easier to make than reprinting entire manuals.

Elearning has been used for many years in larger businesses to train their employees, But over the last ten years, or so, training software has been available that allows small to medium sized business to develop affordable training. The development of elearning programs for educational institutions has also brought the method more mainstream and made it more affordable  to utilize this training method. They have taken benefits of elearning to the point of interactive classrooms where students are able to interact in real time.

Employee performance improvement is more easily measured and managed using these training methods and are the greatest benefits of elearning. Tracking of an employee’s training schedule, progress and test performance  results will be a keystroke away for managers to access. This will help managers to easily identify areas where employees need  help in a particular area.

The Time has Come

If you own a small to medium size business and struggle with ways to improve employee performance, the benefits of elearning can make your job easier and learning for your employees seamless. The ability to customize and personalize learning programs for your employees will lead to increased productivity for your employees and your business.

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