Effective Communication Techniques: Making People Like You

Effective Communication Techniques: Making People Like You

Did you know that you can choose to be likable and take specific steps to make this happen? Likability is a great asset to have in every area of life and especially in the workplace.

We need others to help make us successful. Whether it’s achieving our personal goals or accomplishing workplace projects we need to learn how to develop effective communication techniques with others. Acquiring a high likability quotient ‘sets us up’ for achievement.

The rewards for developing these skills are great. People are much more attentive when we speak. They enjoy being around us more and they bestow a high level of trust on us. Having others trust us is essential if we want to get ahead in life.

Here are some things you can do to enhance your likability.

  1. Show interest in others. Ask about their goals, their families, how their work is going, how their vacation was and so on.
  2. Take their emotional temperature and tune into where they are at. If they are happy be happy with them. If they are sad express your concern and listen attentively to their feelings. If they have other concerns listen to these.

Talking about these effective communication techniques is one thing but putting them into practice is absolutely essential. You must take action! Try doing this:

  • Choose four people you don’t normally talk to – preferably persons whom you would like to know better.
  • Ask how they are today and follow the question up by saying, ‘And how was your weekend?’ Listen with interest as they tell you. Follow their comments with more questions to help support the conversation.
  • Put yourself in their shoes as you listen and this will help you to engage meaningfully with them, as they share with you.
  • If they are comfortable enough to tell you that something painful has happened, give them a listening ear and stay with them so they can share it with you.
  • If they tell you that something wonderful has happened, show excitement and enthusiasm. A response like ‘That’s really great!’ might be in order.

It is important to be genuine with your interest in them. Taking an active interest in someone is a personal choice. Here, clearly showing your intention is crucial. If you choose to care for others, they will notice and your intentions will shine through. Even though all your responses may not be perfect, others will always be drawn in by your genuine goodwill.

Here’s one more thing to try.

  • Choose four more people whom you know well. Recall a time when each one of them assisted you in the past.
  • Express your gratitude for their assistance.
  • Tell them specifically what you appreciated about their act of kindness towards you.
  • Let them know how great they were.

These exercises will strengthen your caring muscle and draw people to you. If you practice them regularly, you will attract others and be liked by them. Remember people want to feel acknowledged and they crave true friendship. If you can truly master these skills the world will be a much more friendly place.

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