Effective Coaching Empowers Employees

Effective Coaching Empowers Employees

In order to describe coaching, it is helpful if you first understand what a coach is. A coach is someone who teaches, trains, or instructs. Coaching is not counselling. Coaching is the act of helping someone improve their skills and abilities that they already have in order to live the life they want.  

The following are a few ways a coach can help:

  1. A coach can help identify needs and abilities. Sometimes life can become so busy that you begin to ignore or forget what your needs are. When this happens, you can begin to develop patterns of conflict in your life, conflict between what you think you need and what you actually need in order to achieve your goals. A coach can help you zero in on your actual needs. Once these are identified, a coach can then help to assess your abilities and guide you in how to use them to achieve your dreams.
  2. A coach can create a positive learning environment. Being in a positive learning environment is essential for developing your skills. A good coach does not try to make you become someone you are not. This would be disrespectful of the person you are, and would create a negative environment. Instead, a coach’s primary goal is to acknowledge and nurture the skills you have, and thereby create a positive learning environment.
  3. A coach can provide direction and support. Once a coach has  helped in assessing your needs and abilities and has created a positive environment for your development, she can give you direction and support. Providing direction builds confidence. Having someone alongside you to support you in your endeavors can encourage personal commitment.
  4. A coach can help you achieve results. Sometimes your effort may not be at the level it needs to be in order for you to meet your goals. A coach can identify problem areas and help you get past them. Remember that the coach needs your input. You are part of the coaching process. Only if you are active in this process can a coach help you achieve the results you are looking for.

If you do not feel like you are living a full life, using a coach can help you reach your ultimate goals. A coach is someone who wants to help you excel and help you live the life of your dreams.

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