Don’t Think Implementing Elearning Can Make You A Hero? We’ll Prove You Wrong!

Don’t Think Implementing Elearning Can Make You A Hero? We’ll Prove You Wrong!

Everyone has the opportunity to be a hero in their own way. You don’t necessarily have to be MacGyver or wear a spandex outfit with a cape — even if you think you can get away with it on Casual Friday. There are other things you can do within your organization that will impress the employees who look to you for a better way to get trained.

A lot of organizations have already implemented an online training program in one form or another. However, there are initiatives that you can implement that will take it to the next level. Let’s have a look at a few.

Great Training

There is a misconception that just because a training course is in a digital format, it’s immediately better than it’s instructor-led counterpart. The fact of the matter is like any medium there’s a good way and a bad way to implement it.

Still don’t think some elearning is bad? Picture some online training courses that you’ve come across. Do you remember how they were little more than a PowerPoint presentation with a testing component at the end? Now… Try and recall the content and lessons from those courses. That might be a bit more difficult.

Here’s how you can be a hero to your employees; by giving them not only online training that is entertaining but training that is engaging and promotes solid, long-lasting knowledge retention.

role_playing_demo1People learn by doing. With that in mind, online training can replicate the act of doing through the use of immersive online simulations that truly bring a trainee into the course. Take for instance our Role Play Demo. In this demo the user is asked to try and delegate a task to an employee based on their experience and give an appropriate reward based on their performance. You are given some background information on the employee which helps you choose the correct path. In addition, visual and audio feedback is given to further inform you of the right path to take.

This is simply an example of what online training can be. View our other online course samples for other examples of our custom elearning development.

Knowing what you know about the possibilities that online training can offer, by delivering rich online training to your employees you’ll soon be the hero of the office. There’s more though….

Mobile Training

A lot of your staff may be spending increasing amounts of time out of the office — whether they telecommute or work primarily in the field. Just because they’re not in the office doesn’t mean that their training experience has to come to a screeching halt. In fact, because the world is more connected than ever before, delivering training via online training software has never been easier. With certification and recertification a crucial issue in the workplace, it might not be feasible to to pull employees off site to take a training course.

Mobile learning helps to train your employees on the devices that they already have with them. This can be anything from an iPhone to an Android phone or an iPad or Android tablet. More and more people are using mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet.  Almost 20% of all web traffic (and rising) is coming from a mobile device. A mobile training strategy simply can’t be ignored.


The heroes of the office aren’t the ones who simply deliver “good enough”, the heroes of the office are the ones who go beyond the call of duty and deliver “incredible”. In the end, while the accolades are nice to have, creating a happier, better-trained and safe workforce is why you do your job.

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