Digital Onboarding: Employee Orientation Simplified

Digital Onboarding: Employee Orientation Simplified

Is your traditional onboarding program in need of updating?  Does your company only run new employee training semi-annually or less?  If these questions resemble the state of your onboarding process, then read on because there is a better way to do things.

Many times people don’t correlate onboarding with online training.  New Hire training has always been conducted as a group in a classroom-style setting.  This practice is slowly getting set to change.  There are numerous benefits that can be associated with digital training.  Let’s take a few moments to examine them in a little mare detail.

  1. Anytime Accessibility
    As has been general practice in most medium to large companies, employee onboarding embracing a lecture-style formula is only economically viable when presented to a group of new employees.  It is too costly in time and pay to have an instructor repeatedly present the same onboarding information to each and every new hire separately.

    What this boils down to is offering onboard training at set intervals during the year.  The timeframe can vary from annually to quarterly, depending upon the rate that new employees accumulate in the organization.  This means that for some people hired just after a scheduled presentation, they might have to wait for months before they receive official company welcome and information relevant to their job.

    When you implement digital new hire training in your organization, this age-old problem solves itself. Whether your new hire training is presented via online training or mobile learning, they can access the material at the earliest possible convenience to them and you.  Many companies who have digital onboarding as part of their hiring process actually institute a practice of requiring the new hire to sit through the digital course before they begin their assigned duties.

  2. Consistency of Information
    Some may conclude that classroom-style onboarding is more effective because it adds a personal touch with a live instructor.  This would seem logical until you address the issue of consistency.  A live instructor is just that – human.  They may be good at what they do but they are fallible, having good and bad days depending on personal or professional circumstance.  No two training sessions will ever be given the same way.  Sometimes information may be left out due to a distracted or bored instructor.  At other times, they may simply forget a certain fact or two.  In any case, new employees will receive variable information.

    Having different instructors present the course can also invite inconsistency, as no two people teach the same way.  This is an undesirable outcome when you expect your onboarding to bring all employees onto the same page and facilitate company-wide alignment of culture, regulations and goals.

    Once more this problem is immediately solved when digital training is brought in to play.  With a thoughtfully designed online training program, you can rest assured that all of your new hires are receiving the exact same instruction and information.  Everyone will be starting from a common denominator assuring that all staff, regardless of department, shares a company-wide vision.

    An added bonus manifests itself in the fact that this material is available to anyone in your company.  That means if you wanted to make sure that everyone was still rowing in the same direction, you could require all staff who had been previously onboarded lecture-style, to take a “refresher course,” as it were.  Because you own the online training program, this can be done with very little to no financial expenditure.  The only cost would be the hour or two it would require veteran employees to experience the course.

  3. Millennials
    With Baby Boomers set to retire in vast numbers in the next few years, and Millennials stepping in to take their place, corporations need to consider that they will be catering to a demographic with very different learning requirements.

    While interactive and tech-savvy digital onboarding may have at one time been above the heads of many older employees, it must be realised that the younger generation has dealt with technology since birth.  They are assured to embrace modern learning techniques such as eLearning and digital onboarding (the two of which by the way can be presented on a common LMS as an umbrella Online Training Program).

    For any organizations who are still suck in the headspace of the1980’s and 1990’s, it might be time for them to consider that if they wish to attract top talent from the young, up-and-coming talent pool, they had better offer modern, technically relevant incentives to prospective hires.

    According to US department of labor statistics for predicted labor market trends for the year 2014, 81% of companies expect to add to their staff.  The majority of new employees being onboarded from this wave are projected to be Millennials.  What better way to meet a new generation of technically proficient people than with valuable online tools from the very start.  Digital training can be viewed as a positive signpost to the new employee, promising a cutting edge work environment that embraces their interests and skill set.

The overall benefits of employing digital onboarding through your online training program are unarguably plentiful.  Such a program advertises and addresses the important issues of deeper skills, strong learning culture and investment in leadership.  With that kind of positive banner hanging in the front window, your company is sure to attract top talent versed in technology as like-minded people and organizations are naturally drawn to one another.  Acting as a welcome mat for new employees, there is no better greeting for them to experience their first training through digital onboarding. Truly abominable, truly mean, truly cruel, truly sad and wrong.

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