Delivering the Best Customer Service Experience

Delivering the Best Customer Service Experience

Have you ever had the opportunity to purchase a new home? If so, you know a lot of thought and planning go into choosing your dream home and there is much anticipation for the day when that dream becomes reality.

Recently a customer experienced this reality but became concerned when she noticed a few little problems around the home. The service manager came out to make sure everything was in working order. Although there were only a few minor adjustments, squeaks and touch ups that needed to be made, he made the customer feel like these were the most important tasks in the world.

When the customer asked if the service manager could suggest what to do about a small dilemma in the laundry room, not only did he give her a few suggestions, but offered to help fix the problem with his crew of tradesmen. The customer was speechless, blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Now that is delivering the best customer service experience!

Ensuring that your company is delivering the best customer service experience is no easy task. In a recent survey, 80% of organizations that were surveyed believed they regularly provided a top-quality customer experience. Realistically, only 8% of their customers agreed.

If you want to make sure your company is actually providing exceptional customer service experiences at a rate of 80%, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How would you feel if the situation was reversed and you were the customer?
  • Are you providing an experience that blows your customers away?
  • If you were a customer, would you come back again?
  • Are you doing everything in your power to ensure your customers feel important and valued?
  • Is your company memorable? What can you do to create an unforgettable experience for each one of your customers?

A Make-or-Break Situation

Delivering the best customer service experience is important because it is what will make or break your company. These experiences are connected to customers’ emotions. When you impact a person’s emotions, it causes a ripple effect, either positively or negatively. If a customer has a negative experience, it will spread like wildfire and may be hard to tame. Positive experiences may not spread as fast, but their impact can be much greater. Their benefits are long-lasting and far-reaching.

A customer had a car accident in another country and needed to be flown back home for emergency surgery. The financial institution that provided their travel insurance quickly made all the arrangements and had him on a plane home within a few hours. Although the situation was not an ideal one, the experience was so phenomenal for him that he is still talking about the efficiency and quality of this company five years later.

Great Customer Experiences Equal Customer Loyalty

Remember that customer loyalty is built upon customers having great experiences. The better the experience, the more business you will be guaranteed in the future. Try and create positive experiences for each and every one of your customers. It may mean going out of your way or taking extra time out of your day, but you can be sure your customers will leave not only satisfied, but encouraged to return to do business with you.

Advertisers know that if they can grab hold of a person’s emotions, they have them hook, line and sinker. Ask yourself the tough questions about your company’s customer service. Answer them honestly. You have no one to hurt but yourself.

Make sure you are delivering the best customer service experience, because the experience you create for your customers determines your success.

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