Customer Service Training: Three Tips That Will Give You The Best Skilled Employees

Customer Service Training: Three Tips That Will Give You The Best Skilled Employees

Why is it that we unquestionably accept a professional athlete’s need to train in order to compete, but we do not have this same unwavering belief when we train our employees? Athletes train to be the best. Are your employees trained to be the best?

Since customer service is the face of most businesses, it is essential to ensure that your employees are accurately representing who you are. Without the customer, there’s nothing else!

So how can you guarantee that your employees receive the appropriate customer service training required to carry out their jobs? By applying the following three training tips, your employees will be on their way to having the best workplace education available.

  1. Train in Order to Learn & Retain: No one person can learn everything there is to know in one day. Customer service training is a process of building one skill upon another until you have a solid foundation. This is a fundamental. Dr. Steven Covey, bestselling business author and speaker says, “We must learn as if we were going to teach.”
  2. Continual Growth Requires Continual Learning: Educate your staff on a continual basis. Have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings. This will keep your staff informed and up to date on any changes. There is nothing worse than being uninformed. You cannot care about what you do not know about…and customer service begins with caring. Create an environment with continual customer service training for both new and existing employees. This ensures confidence and it also boosts morale to learn new practices. Here’s a bonus tip: why not ask your employees what works best in serving your customers? Their involvement will result in their commitment!
  3. Find an Approachable Go-To Person for Questions: Have you ever been overwhelmed by an expectation to perform like a seasoned employee just as you start with a new company? Were you expected to know everything in there? Not possible! Were you relieved when you learned that you would have a trainer that you could go to for any question you had and that this was considered a normal ritual for at least the first six months? Phew!!!

As a new employee, when I met my trainer and saw how approachable and easy going she was, most of my fears ceased. She was able to walk me through three intensive weeks of basic training and then I was ready to fly solo – at least until the next question arose! I cannot tell you how important this was, knowing that no matter what my question was, or how many times I had asked the same thing previously, I had someone who I could go to. And the person’s sole purpose was to help me become more knowledgeable so that I could do my job efficiently and confidently, benefiting the company as a whole. 

Having a manager or trainer who is not approachable is detrimental to your company as it can cause employees to either withdraw into their shells or do it on their own, which can sometimes cause major problems. Or would you rather have a manager or trainer who makes them feel confident enough to know that their job will not be in jeopardy if they need help. If you make sure you have a manager or trainer like the latter on your team, your customer service training will pay off!

By incorporating these tips in your customer service training, your company will definitely have the advantage in terms of ensuring what was taught was learned. When employees are well-trained, they feel empowered. 

Summing up, remember to make sure you do not overwhelm your employees with unreasonable expectations; otherwise you will have employees who are in disarray. Also, invest in your employees by providing ongoing training and make sure you have an approachable manager or trainer to oversee the training. You will be amazed at the results. So get started – your employees are waiting!

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