Customer Service: Quality Encourages Quantity!

Customer Service: Quality Encourages Quantity!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Quality is better than quantity”?  Although this statement stands true in many situations, in regard to customer service, quality encourages quantity.

Having a quality product or quality service ensures that you keep your customers coming back again and again. Quality draws in new business, leading to larger volume (a.k.a., quantity), and ensures your road to success. More satisfied customers mean more business!

So how can you ensure that your business is accountable, going above and beyond the call of duty and providing quality customer service at every opportunity? Ask yourself the following two questions:

1) Are your customers number one?

Motivational speaker Dr. Stephen Covey realized the importance of this when he said, “Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival – to be understood, to be affirmed, to be appreciated.”

Making customers feel like they are truly important to you, that they are valued, is one of the most important aspects of quality customer service. It speaks to your ability to encourage trust in others.

One large chain of stores posts their customer service pledge publicly. It welcomes customers to come to a monthly meeting in which they will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and suggestions about the customer service they receive in the store. The store chain does this so that they can continue to provide quality customer service and ultimately excel in their market niche. Wouldn’t knowing that this meeting was available to you as a customer, impress you and keep you coming back to this store in the future? Wouldn’t it make you feel like you were number one?

2) Are you seizing every opportunity?

Always look for a chance to reward your customers. A guaranteed way to ensure that your customers will continue to bring their business to you is to offer them incentives every so often. Most of the time it is of little cost to you, but the payoff to the business can be enormous.

For instance, imagine a customer drops by your store and sees that some of the items she had bought before Christmas are now on sale, and so decides to pick up a few more. She mentions to the manager that she had bought a few of these items earlier and is really enjoying them. At that point, your manager asks if she has her receipt and, upon seeing it produced, gives the customer the discount on these previous purchases – willingly. The customer is so excited that she ends up buying more items, plus your store has just earned her loyalty and future business.

When it comes to quality customer service, there is no price too high and no task too big. Your customers are your number one priority. Show them that they are valued and important and continue to give them offers they cannot refuse. Always remember that for delivering customer service: the greater the quality, the greater the quantity!

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