Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed

Upon purchasing a new product, there is usually a warranty included and somewhere on that document you will see the words “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.  On television, infomercials will quote over and over again ‘if you are not satisfied with the product, it can be returned free of charge’.  Every company’s ideal goal is to have satisfied customers, because they know that if they can achieve this, they are in business!  The question is: Why do some companies act in the opposite way to creating customer satisfaction?  Do they think it won’t matter?

Friends of mine recently purchased a new home.  They worked with their builder over the course of a year to see their dream home come to life.  Upon moving into their home, they noticed a few repairs that needed to be made.  Most homebuilders will do a walk through upon possession of a home after one month and then a final inspection at the one year mark.  At the one-month walk through, they mentioned a few concerns, and the homebuilder put them in contact with the appropriate trades people to fix the problems.  So far, so good!

However, it took over a month for my friends to get the trades people to actually come out to their home!  And when they finally did manage to show up, after making many different excuses as to why they had to keep canceling their appointments, they tried to cut corners on fixing the stairs, assuming that my friend would not know any different.  My friend spoke up and shared her thoughts, and only after doing so, did the repair person fix the problem the way it should have been done in the first place.  Needless to say, they were not completely satisfied with their experience with this particular homebuilder.

How can you ensure that this type of experience does not happen within your company?  For one, do not make your customers wait for service beyond what you would expect – this is not good customer service.

By following these simple steps, you can be assured of customer satisfaction:

  1.  Know who is working for you. Do you know how your employees represent your business when they are out on the job?  Do you know if they try to cut corners?  This information is key, especially if you are a company who operate like homebuilders do, delegating jobs out to appropriate trades. Follow up with your customers by contacting them when a job is complete and get their honest opinion on how their experience with your employees has turned out for them.   You might be surprised at what your customer has to say about your employees!  Next, do something about that feedback!
  2. Assume that the Customer Knows!  When performing your job, do not assume that the customer does not know what you are doing and how the job needs to be done.  Instead, assume that they do know your job inside out.  This will keep your performance in check and prevent you from doing nothing but the best work. Anything less and your customer can go right over to your competitor, and you will have led them there!
  3. Provide only the ‘Best’ Quality.  Are you here for a short cut good time or a profitable long time?  It may cost you more money to invest in your business and in your employees. However, you can be guaranteed that  your customers will be satisfied with you and continue with you in the future because they experienced ‘the best’.  Ask yourself with each decision you make: “Is this the best for my customer at this time?”
  4. Fix Mistakes to your Customer’s Satisfaction.  Even though my friends had a few little bumps in dealing with their homebuilder, their homebuilder apologized for the inconvenience and offered to look into the matter further.  Offer to fix the problem, and then up-level your service and do something extra for your customer to make up for their inconvenience.  

Achieving customer satisfaction is possible!  All you have to do is remember that the customer comes first.  Ultimately it is the customer that will determine your business success. They will either spread the word positively or negatively about their experience with you.  You have more control than you think with regard to your customer’s satisfaction. Guaranteed!

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