Common Sense & Sales Go Hand In Hand

Common Sense & Sales Go Hand In Hand

Like peanut butter and jelly, sales and common sense go hand in hand. Perhaps you have found yourself, like so many others who are searching for the “magic formula” to success in sales. For you and so many there is good news…sales and common sense go hand in hand. So prepare yourself to be rocked once again by the plain old simple truth. Here we go.

Remember Humanity

On the other end of every hand you shake, every email you send, every proposal you prepare and every cold call you make there is a person alot like you. Never forget this! They too, like you, may have dragged themselves into work today. The last person they’ll be interested in talking with is one spewing a mouthful of big city sales tactics. They likely had their fill of nonsense fighting the morning traffic.

Sell as though you’ll be looking your customer in the eye. Keep it real! Avoid overly polished sales speeches and techno babble. Listen, and remember names. Now that’s just good common sense!

Allow Values To Direct Your Tactics

Tactics are carefully set plans in place to achieve a specific end. It’s true, tactics are a big part of sales, but it is extremely important to allow solid values to direct your sales tactics.

For instance…let’s choose honesty as a value. Any good soul can agree on honesty as a great value. Honesty will keep you from silly mistakes like exaggerating, or cleverly wording an email to create an idea in your potential customer that may be a little left or right of the truth.

A boss or manager might say, “There is a sale hiding everywhere, you just gotta find it!” This is the beginning of a nasty tactic…FIND THE SALE! An honest salesperson will value service before the sale. If you are unable to serve your potential customer with your product, then your work there is done. There is no sale to be found. Move on; don’t push a sale; in the long run you will save everybody time, energy and dollar bills. Now that’s just good common sense!

Don’t Play The Game

What game? Well, if you’ve ever had a relationship, gone to a nightclub or attended church… you know what the game is all about. The game consists of doing everything but getting to the point. Games are the very things that keep great salespeople from succeeding. Unfortunately, these days a lot of people are playing the game. Do us all a favor; stop playing the game.

The game keeps you sending endless emails, attending meaningless meetings, and making more than too many follow-up calls. If you are calling someone to sell him or her something, let him or her know that! You don’t need to ask them how their family is if you don’t truly have interest in such a thing. Talk sales!!! “Do you need what I am selling?” This way, if they are not interested in your product or service, both of you can save time and gladly part ways, leaving you time to call someone who cares. Now that’s just good common sense!

So…be yourself and remember humanity. Remember your values and let them guide your sales strategies. And don’t play games with people. Its just good common sense!

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