• Customer Service: Getting Them to Come Back!

    Customer Service: Getting Them to Come Back!0

    The customer that returns is what everyone desires. Often the immediate ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ felt after a large purchase can be overcome by a great experience in customer service. Let’s look at an example of a beautiful clothing store. The clothes may be in order, desired, affordable, but it is often the ‘service’ perceived by the customer

  • Links Between Customer Service and Profits: The Missing Link

    Links Between Customer Service and Profits: The Missing Link0

    You may be wondering if there are links between customer service and profits. Most data reveals that there are. Among the few situations that a company can maintain good profits while providing poor customer service is when they have a monopoly on the market, or if they are the only ones convenient enough for the customer

  • Sales Goals: Reaching for Success

    Sales Goals: Reaching for Success0

    How can you set and achieve your sales goals? This task can be difficult. However, it may help to understand that your goals can be broken down into less complex components. This realization can often lead you straight to success. When addressing your sales goals, consider the following: Define your goal Determining exactly what you

  • The Effective Sales Presentation: It Starts with You

    The Effective Sales Presentation: It Starts with You0

    When selling a service or product, there are effective and ineffective ways to do so. An effective sales presentation starts with you—and so does an ineffective one. In fact, many people struggle with unsuccessful sales presentations. What can you do to ensure your success? Let’s look at the major factors that can affect your presentation and

  • Tips For Selling: Get in The Know

    Tips For Selling: Get in The Know0

    Here are some fantastic tips for selling: 1) Know Your Product It can never be over-stated. Product knowledge is critical. Do not be deceived by those who say product knowledge will work against you. Product knowledge will always empower your selling efforts. How? Product knowledge means you really know your product. You do not need tactics

  • Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed

    Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed0

    Upon purchasing a new product, there is usually a warranty included and somewhere on that document you will see the words “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.  On television, infomercials will quote over and over again ‘if you are not satisfied with the product, it can be returned free of charge’.  Every company’s ideal goal is to have satisfied