• Leadership by Example

    Leadership by Example0

    Individuals across the business spectrum are thrust into new supervisory roles every day. Whether by design or out of necessity, newly commissioned leaders face a steep learning curve and sometimes daunting obstacles inherent to their position. We want to present a short but detailed examination of just some of the tactics people can employ when

  • Managing Drop-In Visitors Assertively And Effectively

    Managing Drop-In Visitors Assertively And Effectively1

    Do you find that your best time management efforts in the workplace are thwarted by those pesky drop-in visitors who just have “a quick question”? Unfortunately, their definition of “quick” often doesn’t match yours! Here are three ways to proactively and assertively manage these unanticipated and distracting guests. Think ahead – take control of your

  • The Magic of a Great Supervisor – How They Do It

    The Magic of a Great Supervisor – How They Do It0

    Some of the abilities and qualities of great supervisors are learned skills and/or behaviors. Other abilities and qualities are more innate; a result of their early life experiences. Through this article we will codify those attributes and give some insight into how and why they are important.

  • The Critical Skills and Character Traits of a Good Supervisor

    The Critical Skills and Character Traits of a Good Supervisor0

    Ask a supervisor to delineate the traits of a good supervisor and they typically pause and become rather introspective. The question requires them to look deep into their makeup and provide a conversational-length answer, to distill a complicated answer into a simple one. Indeed supervisors have a tough job and providing a synopsis is not

  • Effective Leadership for Dummies

    Effective Leadership for Dummies1

    Fight vs Flight–the go-to response is only to run away some of the time, the rest of the time the response is to get defensive. This twin instinct has certainly been part of the human psyche since time untold, and neither response is particularly conducive to great leadership. Effective leaders will maintain thoughtful control of

  • The Essential Matters: What Is Your Reason For Being?

    The Essential Matters: What Is Your Reason For Being?1

    Earlier this week I was meeting with a group of very talented managers in a debrief session for an event I facilitated in December. We were discussing, among other things, employee engagement when one of the leaders said that what he learned in my session is that employee engagement can be boiled down to one