• Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability

    Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability3

    When thinking about a defining accountability I was struck by not being able to come up with a succinct definition myself. I suspect I’m not alone in this. I suspect that defining accountability is a little like defining leadership. Like leadership, I hear ‘accountability’ used consistently, whether in business situations, media or casual conversation. It

  • Top 5 Online Resources for Training Employees

    Top 5 Online Resources for Training Employees0

    There are plenty of methods and techniques that may help you when preparing and training employees to do their work better. When the number of training choices is huge, it can be challenging to determine which resources and methods are worth using. Combining several resources and methods for employee training might be the most effective way to help

  • The Coach Approach

    The Coach Approach4

    Language is always evolving – words and phrases changing meaning, nouns becoming verbs. “The Coach Approach” has potential for this, in my biased opinion.