• Friendly Feedback

    Friendly Feedback5

    Recently I had the privilege and pleasure of hearing Dr. Marshall Goldsmith speak on the value of feedback. For sure he was a name I knew but experiencing the person was so much more impressive. Dr. Goldsmith spoke to a room full of hundreds of coaches at the International Coach Federation Midwest Conference in Indianapolis,

  • The Coach Approach

    The Coach Approach4

    Language is always evolving – words and phrases changing meaning, nouns becoming verbs. “The Coach Approach” has potential for this, in my biased opinion.

  • Communication Mistakes

    Communication Mistakes4

    One of the most common communication “mistakes” is actually the lack of communication. This happens so much and for so many different reasons in the workplace.

  • Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines

    Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines0

    Communication is the art of exchanging information. Some people do it well, while others continually struggle to say what they really mean. To be an effective communicator, you must be committed to the following disciplines: Listening Clarification Articulation Here are some tips for good communication.

  • Selling Skills: 3 Simple Solutions

    Selling Skills: 3 Simple Solutions0

    A young boy looked up at an old man playing a harmonica and asked, “How’d ya learn to play the harp sir?” The old man smiled and replied, “I put it in my mouth!” Often times it is easy to overlook the simplest strategies to working your way into a new sales career. Like the

  • Communication Barriers in Organizations

    Communication Barriers in Organizations0

    There is a bus load of arrested prisoners awaiting transport from the city jail to the state prison. Two prisoners from obviously different social, cultural and financial backgrounds share one of the seats.


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