• The Responsibility and Accountability Conundrum

    The Responsibility and Accountability Conundrum1

    A recent article I attempted to differentiate between responsibility and accountability.  In thinking about and talking to people about ways that people generally think about responsibility and accountability I understand some of what is behind this tendency to use the words interchangeably, or a preference to use one word in place of the other.  The

  • How We React To The Definition of Accountability

    How We React To The Definition of Accountability1

    Further to the line of thinking about accountability and responsibility, I have been musing on the emotional reaction we often have toward words.  Over a period of several months I had the opportunity to speak with employees in several different companies what was the first word they thought of when they heard the word accountability? What

  • Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability

    Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability3

    When thinking about a defining accountability I was struck by not being able to come up with a succinct definition myself. I suspect I’m not alone in this. I suspect that defining accountability is a little like defining leadership. Like leadership, I hear ‘accountability’ used consistently, whether in business situations, media or casual conversation. It

  • Self-Coaching


    One of the things that consistently happens to people who have had a personal coach for a while is that they start to coach themselves. This is not bad for business as a coach, rather this is truly cause to celebrate!

  • Communication Mistakes

    Communication Mistakes4

    One of the most common communication “mistakes” is actually the lack of communication. This happens so much and for so many different reasons in the workplace.

  • Communication Breeds Accountability

    Communication Breeds Accountability0

    Every leader worth their salt understands the true power of effective communication. It is in many respects the circulatory system of a living, breathing organization. But do you as supervisors fully comprehend how far effective communication can actually reach? One of the barometers measuring your success as a supervisor is the ability to encourage accountability