Best Tools for Solving the Main Problems of Your Working Life

Best Tools for Solving the Main Problems of Your Working Life

As any other person on Earth, you are probably wondering about the purpose of life. What were you meant to be? Are you fulfilling your life goals? When you used to imagine what your life would be like, you never thought to face this routine:

home – work – home – work – home – work…it seems like a never-ending cycle of working life.

The only way to make yourself happy is to live your life to the fullest.

When you’re committed to your job, it means that you should do your best to achieve full productivity, so you can spend the rest of your day in peace. Otherwise, your life would revolve around work and you’ll wear yourself down sooner or later.

How exactly do you make your working life easier and more effective? Well, there are some great apps and tools for that! Read on; you’ll love our suggestions.


Is time running away on you? That’s one of the major problems you face during your working life…maybe you should start tracking it! Having a daily to-do list is one thing; tracking the time you spend in productive work is another. With Toggl, you can track your time as it goes by, so you’ll always have a detailed report at the end of the day.

The app is designed to work for teams, so you’ll have simple, but effective timeslips that showcase everyone’s contributions to the current projects. The app is really easy to use, and it will make your productivity measurable.

This is a simple task manager that allows you to organize your working hours to perfection. It’s a collaborative app, which makes it perfect for team work. The Moment feature encourages you to make a reviewing habit. You’ll take a moment in the morning to review your daily tasks, so the busy day won’t catch you off guard.


Email is a persistent part of your working life. It’s a tool you use to communicate with your boss, business partners, employees, friends, colleagues, or anyone else you need to contact. When you’re dealing with so many messages, you can easily get frustrated by all unimportant updates you’re getting, but you can also miss some really important messages.

With Boxer, you’ll have full control over the appearance of your inbox. You’ll get quick notifications, an integrated calendar, and a great presentation of your contacts.


How many times have you been caught off guard by a requirement to write a report or a business suggestion? Plus, you have tons of important emails to write on a daily basis, and you’re not 100% sure you’re leaving a good impression through your writing.

On top of everything, sometimes your boss asks you to write a blog post related to the company’s work. If you cannot handle these writing and editing tasks in your working life, there is only one way to make your work easier: work with the team at Royal-Essay. You can order any project and collaborate with the writers to make sure they follow your instructions. The work will be ready on time and you’ll relieve yourself from a huge load of stress.

Sunrise Calendar

You absolutely need an effective calendar app, where you’ll note down all important dates, meetings, project submission deadlines, scheduled conference calls, and every other task you have to take care of. Sunrise Calendar is a clean app that will send notifications before the important deadlines. You’ll get a clean monthly and weekly view that helps you stay on track with the schedule.

Bullet Journal

You understand that technology makes you a more productive worker, but you’re still nostalgic for the good old pen-and-paper technique? Bullet Journal is the working life tool you need.

You can turn your journal into a to-do list, notebook, diary, a sketchbook, or anything else you like. It’s like a clean notebook that gives you space to write anything you like. However, it’s better than a notebook because it’s forgiving. You can mix and match pieces of the puzzle to achieve the ultimate organization system that works for you.

Rescue Time

You have to stay really focused on the tasks when you want to get the most out of your working life in a day. Otherwise, you would have to take part of the work for home or leave it for tomorrow, so you’ll end up chasing deadlines before you know it. When you’re under the influence of all those distractions in the office, it’s hard to stay true to your commitment to stay focused.

People are telling you to check out a new YouTube video, so you’re getting completely mesmerized by funny cats before you realize you’ve left a lot of work behind. RescueTime is the tool you need; the app tracks how you spend your time online, so it gives you an eye-opening report at the end of the day. Analyze that report and get rid of the habits that are slowing you down in your working life.

Are you ready for the title worker of the month. Start using the tools listed above and you’ll be surprised with the way they influence your productivity and working life.

Tom Jager
Tom Jager

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