Are Your LMS Solutions Coming Up Short?

Are Your LMS Solutions Coming Up Short?

Some LMS solutions are better than others. Some simply don’t measure up to your needs where others are so feature-heavy that they’re impossible to use. The fact of the matter is you need to ask the right questions in order to get the right features which best fits your existing processes.

If this was the only decision point for consideration then it would be an easy one to make. However, there are more to consider before any decisions can be reached.

What You Should Ask

  1. Does It Have Powerful Search?

    As your business grows, you will be surprised by how quickly the number of clients, classes, and students grow in turn. Therefore your learning management system (LMS) needs a search feature. Whether it’s a simple search query or a more advanced search, finding individual records shouldn’t be an onerous or time-consuming exercise.

  2. Can You Add Notes?

    Sharing information among group managers about specific students, courses, or classes is much simpler when the LMS has an internal capacity for notes.

  3. Is There An Extensive Reporting System?

    Your LMS needs to be able to have access to the data the training tracking software generates in order to create accurate and detailed reports that will help you to measure your return on investment.

  4. Can You Attach Files To Records?

    Perhaps there are paper based tests or notes that you want to attach to a course and be presented to a student when they take the course. Attaching digital documents to your learner’s records will give you further insight into how the learner is progressing.

  5. Are You Able To Add Extra Fields?

    Adding fields that are specific to your needs speaks to the flexibility of the software. Timed responses may be required by a high churn telephone sales office, anecdotal responses in addition to standard testing are important when users opinions matter. Change is a constant, you may not be fully aware of what your future needs will look like. Look for software that will grow with you.

  6. Will You Be Able To Schedule?

    The growth of blended learning is driving requirement for scheduling functions in your software. If scheduling is not offered natively, look for a third-party solution that integrates with the training tracking software.

  7. Will It Work Correctly?

    It’s crucial that your learning management system and course authoring tool both need to be SCORM-compliant in order for the LMS to accurately track learner progress and attendance.


There’s no perfect LMS for everyone. But asking the right questions and performing a learning management system comparison will allow you to find one that fits your needs but also provides a great experience for your learners.

If you’d like to know more about the important features in a learning management system, read our free ebook What’s The Difference Between An LMS And An LCMS?

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