Are Your Employees Certified? How Online Training Software Helps You Keep Track

Are Your Employees Certified? How Online Training Software Helps You Keep Track

With the increased number of employees in your organization using online training as their primary means of on-the-job training, there comes the question of how certifications play into this exciting new technology. Thankfully, online training software steps up to the plate and fills in the gaps that would have had to be handled manually.

Why Certify

There are several reasons that certifications are important to your online training solutions. Firstly, in fields where workplace technology can change year over year, it’s crucial to have a workforce that is up to date on the latest developments that directly affect their ability to do their job well.

Further to that, in situations where employees may be handling materials or equipment that could potentially hurt them, you need to make sure that employees don’t just have a passing knowledge but an expert one. It’s in everyone’s interest to make sure that an employee’s certifications are up to date.

From the perspective of an organization, employee certifications protect them from being liable in the tragic event where an employee’s safety is threatened by equipment or materials. No one wants to see an employee get hurt for any reason. A certification provides reassurance that the person doing the job is expertly able to handle it.

How Certifications Are Handled

It may seem a scary prospect but quite often in organizations there is no formal policy in place that can handle the certification needs of hundreds or even thousands of employees. As a result, it takes something tragic before this is re-examined and a policy is put forward that changes it.

Left to their own devices, it’s up to the employees to know when their certifications expire. The frightening question to ask is “Are all your employees certified to do the job they’re trained to do? What if something happens and they’re not?” These are the types of questions that keep people up at night.

The Automated Approach

With an incredible amount of employees to keep track of, where do you even start? The best answer is to use the same system that your employees are currently using to deliver their online training right now.

Online training software like a Learning Management System (LMS) already have employee information in its database about the courses they’ve taken and their progress so far. So as it stands a competent LMS should easily be able to handle to the not only employees of any certifications that are expiring but also inform the manager in case they need to follow up.

Notifications are sent out by email. With most employees having smartphones or tablets connected to the organization’s network, it’s very easy for them to receive an email letting them know that their certification is close to expiring. In the case of mobile learning, they can recertify right on the spot.

One thing to keep in mind; when setting up certification notifications on your LMS, make sure that you send out the initial notification well before it expires as it gives an employee time to make adjustments to their schedule if need be.


The ability for an employee to be properly certified for the job that they’re doing is of absolute importance for an organization. Current policies may make it difficult for management and employees to keep on top of expiring certifications but the ability of a learning management system to notify the relevant parties keeps everyone trained — and safe.

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