Advantages of Mentoring

Advantages of Mentoring

Almost everyone has a role model, someone they admire. They usually choose this person because the role model possesses qualities and traits that they would like to have.

Even though the majority of people have role models, not very many people get the opportunity to have a mentor. Imagine if you could mentor someone who thought of you as a role model. What an honor!

If you are considering becoming a mentor, you are looking at a unique opportunity not only to make a difference in some one’s life, but in your own life as well. The following are some mentor advantages to ponder.

  • You have an opportunity to invest in the lives of others. An investment is a deposit you make with the expectation of a profit. By mentoring, you invest in the lives of others by sharing a part of yourself with them. You make a deposit into the future of those you are mentoring and the future of anyone they affect because of what you teach them.
  • You have an opportunity to be privileged. People usually only allow people who they admire to mentor them. It can be very encouraging to be in the presence of people who admire you so much that they have made a decision to model a portion of their life after you. This is not something to be taken lightly. This is the ultimate honor.
  • You have an opportunity to leave a legacy. You may not believe that you could possibly leave a legacy. You need to realize that when you invest in a person’s life, you do not have any control over how long the effects will last. Martin Luther King had a mother that mentored him and taught him the importance of non-violence. Her legacy lasted longer than her lifetime, the life of her son, and everyone else who has been impacted by her investment. Keeping that in mind, recognize that it is possible for you to leave a legacy too.
  • You have an opportunity to provide perspective. You are sharing your experiences, past and present, with someone else. This can be extremely important to the person you choose to mentor. Something about looking back gives you perspective and hope. You can pass that along to someone else, helping to create a bright and encouraging future.

These are just a few advantages of mentoring. Only you can make the decision to be a mentor, but as you consider the option, remember you will not be the only one to benefit from this investment of your time and knowledge. You have an opportunity to make a real difference in the world today and in another person’s future.

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