9 Tips To Help Spring Clean Your Online Course Development

9 Tips To Help Spring Clean Your Online Course Development

With spring coming (or already here depending upon where you live) there’s no better time time than now to have another look at your courses and see what could be improved, expanded upon or changed. Even the best ones can benefit from an update or new look. Freshen up your courses by using the following 9 tips.

Dust Things Off

  • Make A New Edition

    Has your knowledge improved or have there been new developments within your field over the course of the last year? Then it’s time to update your course accordingly as even printed textbooks have new editions based on new information. Just because the medium is different doesn’t mean that courses don’t need to be updated from time to time.

  • Change or Add New Questions

    With new knowledge comes new ways of testing. That being said, it may be time to update the way you ask your current questions if you think that there could be a better question type that would help you to get the point across. For instance: in a previous edition of the course a multiple choice question was enough to test knowledge against. In your new edition, perhaps a hotspot or a drop-and-drop question might be more appropriate.

  • Update Old Statistics

    Updated stats keep the message you’’re trying to get across current and powerful. Out of date statistics are a disservice to your course and your learners. If the source of your stats hasn’t updated them recently, it may be time more up to date ones.

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

  • New Colours and Graphics

    As tastes change so you should make sure to keep your course looking fresh and relevant. That could include such things as making sure that any photography is up to date so that your models aren’t demonstrating your course wearing bellbottoms in an office with 1970’s decor. Tastes in color can also change from year to year. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion but you wish to change it up if it starts to be described as “retro” by your learners.

  • Update Your Course Authoring Tool

    When was the last time that your course authoring tool was updated? If it hasn’t been updated recently, make sure to go to the website of the software to see if there are any recent updates. If your course is integrated within an all-in-one online training platform, contact your vendor to see if there are any updates. Updates can bring additional features and capabilities that you can use to improve your course.

  • Add Multimedia

    If you haven’t added any multimedia elements to your course then now is the perfect time to do so. Record your own video or narration to add depth and bring life to your course. If you have recorded an updated version of a presentation that you’d like to include in course, swap out the old one and put in the new one.

Get Organized

  • Change Your Printed Manuals to eLearning

    If there’s one good way to get on the good side of your clients, it’s by turning that heavy stack of manuals into elearning. Not only will they thank you because they won’t have to lug them around anymore but they can be easily revised so that you’re not left with stacks of outdated material.

  • Convert Your DVDs to eLearning

    There’s no need to use your DVD training as fancy coasters anymore. It may make you popular at parties but you’ll be able to afford a fresh new spring outfit with the money that you save from converting your DVD training to elearning. Unlike physical products where you have to deal with inventory and shipping, with the right LMS with ecommerce integration you’ll be able to get your courses into the hand of your learners quickly and easily.

  • Add More Courses!

    Last but most importantly, why not add more courses to your catalog? There’s always new and interesting material that you can teach your learners. Why not give them more of what they want!

By following these steps, not only will you be able to have a full course catalog that is up to date and new but also create elearning that engages and delights your learners.

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