The 7 REAL Reasons Behind Why People Buy

The 7 REAL Reasons Behind Why People Buy

If you’re starting a job then you’ve probably heard some talk about effective communication. Basically, when it comes to purchasing, we have to ask: “What are our clients thinking?” If you want to be a success and know how to anticipate their needs before they come to you with them, knowing the psychology behind why clients require your services is paramount.

Here’s a simple list of reasons why clients will seek out your services:

  1. Meet a Need – Like going for groceries because you must eat, or buying a winter jacket so you don’t freeze, the main reason we buy will never change. We buy because we need to. If what you’re selling meets a need you’re off to a solid start.
  2. Satisfy a Want – Like going for pizza or satisfying a late night ice cream craving, we also buy because we want to and because we can. What do your clients want? Can it be found in the product or service you are selling or in the ‘way’ you deliver the product or service? When you understand what your clients really want, you’ll find them buying from you more often.
  3. Help Preserve Great Experiences – There will be times when an experience will be so grand or memorable that you’ll want to purchase something to remind you of such a moment. Like buying a t-shirt after a concert or grabbing a ball cap at the World Series baseball game you just attended. Maybe you have a pair of Mickey Mouse ears in your closet. Those are probably from a memorable moment at Disney World. For example: In U2’s Vertigo tour from 2005, the daily cost of the rock show almost exceeded ticket sale earnings. The band’s greatest profits came from merchandise sales such as hats and t-shirts. Why? People wanted to preserve their experience. How can you make the experience your buyer is having with your product stand out? Ask yourself, what would make this purchase more enjoyable for me? If you’d like it, chances are they might too.
  4. Efficiency – Like buying a smart car or a vehicle with great gas mileage, we buy for efficiency or a return on time, energy, and resources. Maybe your mom has one of those infomercial gadgets that make chopping vegetables real fast and easy. She likely made that purchase when she was sold regarding efficiency. She felt it would make her life easier.
    How can you make your client’s life easier? How does your product or service create efficiency for your buyer?
  5. Infatuation – Infatuation doesn’t cater to our logic; rather it caters to our emotions. Infatuation is defined as, “being inspired with intense but short-lived passion.” Why buy the “Greatest Hits” album when you already have all those hits on individual records? These days you can simply throw the tunes in your own playlist and save yourself the $15.99. But I bet you want that album to complete your collection…OK! You feel good just having it.
  6. Brand Loyalty – Like buying a Macintosh computer, then an Apple TV, an iPhone, then an Apple Watch, many purchase and continue to purchase from a particular brand because they have built a strong relationship with the brand. As long as the products continue you to meet a client’s needs, they will likely stick with the brand for the long haul.
  7. Comfort – People will always pay for comfort. Ever put a dollar in that massage chair at the airport? Me too! Comfort is important to us. We closely associate comfort with peace, rest and a sense of safety. Just look around your house and note all the items you have purchased in the name of comfort. What can you do to help your clients purchase comfort or feel comfort while they are buying or experiencing what you have to offer?

This is a simple list that you can use right away. If you are working in sales there is a strong chance your clients are buying for one or more of these reasons.

Start to look for these buying trends with regards to your clients and find out where your product or service matches one of these reasons for buying. Develop some of these reasons into your business and watch clients flock towards you. The more you understand why people buy the easier it is to sell to them.

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