5 Ways Online Training Improves Employee Compliance + Safety Training

5 Ways Online Training Improves Employee Compliance + Safety Training

While compliance and safety training may not be a high priority with many employees, it is essential to employers. Many employees envision large groups of people sitting around listening to a speaker, watching a video or slide presentation, or reading handouts while they think about everything else they should be doing, or could be doing.

Compliance and safety training may be essential, but it is far from exciting. Many companies are turning to elearning to improve their training programs. By taking the step to deliver a custom elearning program to employees, organizations see an increase in compliance percentages and participation. But what are the steps an organization needs to take in order to to effectively deliver online training? Here’s five strategies you can implement.

  1. Implement A Custom Online Training Program

    Using a customized training program that is geared specifically to your business improves the quality of training by making it relatable to your employees. Using scenarios, role-playing activities, and information that employees can apply to their positions will increase the adoption of safety practices and compliance to regulations. Customized online training allows the information to be tailored to specific positions, regions, and more.

  2. Personalize The Training

    Personalizing training to each employee improves participation. With an online training program, employees can track their own progress through a learning management system (LMS) and see how it relates to their positions. Employers can also use the LMS to ensure that employees only have to participate in training that relates to their position. This eliminates the “take all” type training that requires employees to complete all training regardless of application to the position.

  3. Make It Fun

    Gamification is a relatively new word for something that has gone on in schools for a very long time. Teachers have always realized that making it fun makes children want to learn. The same idea works for adults, even if they don’t want to admit it.

    Having a “presentation-style” online training program that simply has employees clicking next over and over will not only have them falling asleep, it fails at critical knowledge retention. Creating a fun and interesting training program that has the employee interacting with the program keeps them involved, interested, and learning. The flexibility offered through elearning can combine a multitude of training module types to keep employees involved in the training process.

  4. Reward Participation

    Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. Most employees are motivated to do a good job when they are recognized for it. Online training software like an LMS makes it easier for you to see who is completing the training and give recognition for performance gains.

    Whether you offer certificates, badges, prizes, or other rewards, employees respond to public recognition and will continue to be motivated to excel. Employees who don’t feel recognized, or that their efforts are not noticed will often feel dissatisfied with their jobs, lack motivation, and show diminished effort. Creating a supportive environment that applauds achievements will have higher success rates in compliance and safety training performance.

  5. Allow Flexibility

    Not every employee works the same schedule, handles the same responsibilities, or learns in the same manner. Offering employees a variety of options for completing training, such as before work, after work, or even from their mobile device ensures that every employee has the opportunity to participate in the training at a time that is optimum for them.

    A training program that has the flexibility to be completed at the employee’s own pace ensures that the information is being absorbed. While one employee may get things at their first attempt, another may have to try multiple times in order to grasp the information. An online training program allows for that flexibility, with employees having the opportunity to repeat the training easily until they fully understand it.

Online training can be a successful tool to impart knowledge on employees if it’s used correctly. Using these five strategies to take your online training program to the next level can help your company create an interactive, engaging, successful compliance and safety training program.

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