4 Ways To Generate Excitement With Your Online Training

4 Ways To Generate Excitement With Your Online Training

Until recently, custom elearning development has left something to be desired in the area of learner engagement. Thankfully, there are easy ways to keep your learners wanting more.

If you want to make your learners fired up about taking courses, follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Make Your Emails Generate Buzz

    custom elearning exciting2Learners sign up for elearning out of convenience, but there is also the hazard that what is out of sight is out of mind. Since they’re not required to attend a session in person they may forget that they signed up initially.

    They could have signed up with the best of intentions or their employer is covering the cost, but if they are not paying for it and they are not scheduling time to participate, there may not be a vested interest.

    You can counter this by reaching out via email. The Best LMS software will be able to send reminder emails to the learners to let them know when a course they’ve registered for is coming up. Additionally, your learning management system will be able to send emails that can talk more about the benefits of the course and what the learners can expect from it as a way to generate excitement. If possible, include graphics within the emails to create even more buzz.

  2. Know Your Audience

    custom elearning exciting3Younger learners have an increased interest towards lessons that include graphics, video, music and sound effects. These learners tend to be more comfortable with participating online and tend to be more proficient, requiring less time for instructing on how to move through the lesson.

    Alternately, mature online training users may feel overwhelmed by the same lesson design. They didn’t grow up on video games and prefer to focus more on the content than being entertained to learn. Also, depending on their level of technology proficiency, they may require access to additional tutorials and support to access the online learning environment.

    If you are developing an online training course that will be accessed by a variety of audiences, attempt to find a happy medium or tailor it and market to the specific demographic. If you are creating an online learning solution for a specific company or demographic, take time to know the learners, their company culture and expectations.

  3. Test, Test, Test!

    custom elearning exciting4Elearning courses require test maker software to create assessments, especially when mastery is required for certification. Even if an assessment isn’t a requirement, you’ll increase engagement by notifying participants that there will be an assessment involved.

    Learners become more engaged when they are informed that they will be assessed on the content. They become even more engaged when they understand that their success in the course translates to maintaining their current level or possibly progressing based on the results of the assessment.

  4. Good Meaningful Feedback

    custom elearning exciting6Learners tend to progress through a lesson, even a difficult one, when they are provided feedback. They need to know that they are either learning the content or that they require additional help in learning the content. Feedback is easily provided through integrated assessments which instantly allow the learner to see results and know if they are mastering the content. To increase engagement and limit frustration to learners who are having difficulty you would want to create links back to the material to create opportunities for re-teaching the content. If you are creating online training for a company you can also create a “reward” system to increase motivation and recognize achievement. Even adult learners appreciate being recognized for their achievements.

Creating a custom elearning program that caters to a variety of audiences can be tricky. The level of excitement and content mastery depends on developing training that gains and maintains interest — but also involves and engages your learners.

To learn more about how you can create an elearning program the not only excites your learners but performs, download our free ebook Learn How To Create Performance Based eLearning

Image Credit: Amanda Krueger

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