4 Simple Practices To Lead Your People Towards Success

4 Simple Practices To Lead Your People Towards Success

It is of great advantage to individuals performing a supervisory role to understand that they are in a front line leadership position that has the potential of greatly influencing front line performance and directly leading the “troops”. It is one thing to understand the concept of leadership, however it is a completely different thing to do it well. Below are a few ideas detailing the mechanics of good leadership.

Overall, the primary role of a front line leader is to support and develop their employee’s attitude, competence and skills while at the same time, delivering both individual and departmental productivity to company and shareholder expectations.

As a supervisor, how can you ensure individual and departmental progress while consistently improving team productivity? The role of a leader is not only ensuring that tasks get completed on time but also that they are done both efficiently and effectively. On the surface, this may appear to be a tall order. There are however a few simple practices that you can follow to grease the wheels, if you will. 

1) Set a good example 

Leading by example increases positive results in your staff’s performance because you have the opportunity to set a standard of excellence by demonstrating first hand how things are done right. By demonstrating your commitment to effective work ethics, your employees are much more likely to follow suit and display a similar dedication in time, effort and quality of work. 

When setting an example, be diligent and consistent. Consistency and attention to detail by you, will be positively reflected in the work of those who are observing you. Inconsistency on your part will not go unnoticed by your employees. This can lead to dissatisfaction and resentment if they feel that others are being treated differently. When your personal quality of work is consistently high calibre, Your team will once again be encouraged to do the same. 

A respectful and caring attitude toward those you are supervising shows interest and support that is required in order for them to perform to the best of their ability. Respect is not automatically bestowed on someone receiving  title. It is earned over time. If you show consistent respect for others, you will be much more likely to have that respect returned and quite possibly, compounded. 

One area that is vital for you to set a good example is (in) attitude. Demonstrating a positive outlook while on the job is a must. Like negativity, positivity can radiate throughout your workplace. If you want your team to be positive, show them how

2) Create a safe and productive work environment

  • Workers need a safe, comfortable and distraction-free work environment. This type of atmosphere can help employees stay motivated and focused for longer periods of time. They are not constantly being forced to readjust and deal with outside distractions. This results in overall increased productivity, efficiency and quality, both in specific tasks and in overall team performance.
  • Creating a productive work environment does not have to be difficult. Talking to your team and determining their needs is the foundation of this process. Once you have built that foundation, it is up to you to incorporate approaches to accommodate their needs accordingly and within reason. When you are able to meet their needs, people will be more willing to go out of their way to meet yours. It is important to recognize that by providing a friendly, comfortable, trust based work environment for employees, it will in turn reflect in their quality of work and productivity. 

3) Encourage and set goals with employees

Give your team something to strive for. If your team is working towards a clearly stated goal, their interest and motivation will be less likely to falter. However, if people sense that their hard work is not being effectively applied or is going unappreciated, they can become discouraged and frustrated, which leads to disengagement and apathy. Providing shared goals and rewards will result in long term, high quality, productivity.

Be specific, clear and concise when setting goals with your people. Communicate verbally with clarity. Write them down and post them where all staff can see them and be reminded daily of what it is the team is working towards.  This creates criteria for staff guidance and minimizes confusion and miscommunication.

Your personal involvement with employees can have a positive, encouraging effect. If you as a leader, are present and engaged in their day to day activities and projects – ready and willing to lend a hand when needed – your people will recognize this enthusiasm and be much more likely to work to their full potential.

4) Incorporate Accountability As A Key Organizational Value

Through a proven process, establish accountability as one of your organization’s basic values. A consistently applied accountability process puts muscle into performance. To discover such a process to lead your people towards success, please visit Vantagepath.com.

The work, productivity and quality of results that your team turns out are often a reflection of your involvement and ability to lead. You are more likely to set the appropriate example, if you understand and practice all four of these tactics that contribute to not just the role of a supervisor, but the role of an accomplished leader.

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