4 Keys To A Successful Blended Learning Program

4 Keys To A Successful Blended Learning Program

A blended learning program can have its fair share of complications — if you aren’t able to put the face-to-face and online training course components together in a meaningful way. Often times, it’s not an equal fit — so you’ll have to find the right blend in order to best serve your learners. But before you move forward, there are several keys that you need to consider.


  1. Planning

    Blended Learning Program PlanningAs with any learning program, there needs to be careful planning in terms of how best to teach the curriculum. There are several different blended learning models that can be adaptable to the needs of your learners. These different models vary in the amount of face-to-face time you spend with your learners. Additionally, blended learning models can vary in how scheduled the learner’s time is.

    From a planning perspective, you will work closely with your elearning developer to make sure that the online training component accommodates and complements the face-to-face component.

  2. Technology

    Blended Learning Program TechnologyNever discount technology to add further complications to your planning. As such, you need to be fully aware of your clients’ technology needs when implementing a blended learning program and use that information to determine the best course of action.

    There are several questions regarding your client’s infrastructure that need to be answered before you can move forward.

    • Will the learners be taking the course at their desk or a learning facility?
    • Will the learners be able to use their own device for the online training component?
    • How many learners will a presentation room hold?
    • Does the presentation room have the audio and video capabilities that you’ll need in order to present effectively?


  3. Reporting

    Blended Learning Program ReportingYour client will want to see how successful your blended learning program is. You’ll need to give them the information they need so they’ll be reassured that their online training investment is sound.

    With capable LMS solutions in place, you’ll be able to track learner progress, attendance, and other vital information. This data not only gives you indicators as to how the online training course could be adjusted for your learners but, more importantly, gives yours client the reassurance that their training budget is well spent.

  4. Support

    Blended Learning Program SupportWith blended learning, there will be support to the learners in the form of coaching. The coaching can take several forms; face-to-face; over email; or via VOIP software like Skype or FaceTime. Determining which blended learning model you’ll be using indicates the level and type of support you’ll be offering to your learners.

    There are some important questions that need to be agreed upon with your client pertaining to support.

    • Will there be an orientation for the blended program that you’ll be offering?
    • If the learners are using different devices for the online training course component, to what extent will you be supporting these devices?
    • Is there a pre-allocated amount of hours that you’ll be dedicating to supporting the learners?
    • Is there the option for the client for the purchase of additional support and consultation?

    There may be additional questions to be raised. These will become apparent when you meet with the client.

Blended learning is not simply a solution that mashes together two different learning methods. There needs to be careful consideration in order to make them work successfully together. When they do work well, it provides a learning experience that is effective and engrossing.

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